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Hudson’s Hope issues water quality advisory as heavy metals detected

Posted September 10, 2014 by Common Sense Canadian in Energy and Resources
Hudson's Hope issues water quality advisory as heavy metals detected

Hudson’s Hope, BC (

A water quality advisory has been issued by the District of Hudson’s Hope, in northeast BC.

Residents are being warned not to drink or use water from Lynx and Brenot Creeks.

The district advises against using it for “drinking water, livestock watering, and irrigation due to the presence of heavy metals at concentrations above the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines.”

“Boiling water will not make the water potable,” the district warns.

Abstain from using the water until further notice.

The contaminants discovered include:

  • aluminum
  • arsenic
  • barium
  • cadmium
  • chromium
  • iron
  • lead
  • manganese
  • uranium

The source of the contamination – and whether it is related to local shale gas activity – is unclear at the moment.

The Ministry of Environment has been alerted of the situation, the advisory notes.

The district is conducting additional investigations and will provide updated information as soon as available.

District Office contact: 250-783-9901 /


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    Concerned Citizen

    The Government has washed their hands of this. This creek is full of MUD. There is tons of aquatic life above stream, none below. Lynx creek is POISONING the Peace River. Shame on Oil & Gas, Shame on oil companies and shame on our media for doing nothing about this.

    J> Ross

    It is now January 22nd, 2015. is the water advisory still in effect? Does anyone know?

    Another one

    the water around Hudson’s Hope failed water analysis long before shale gas activity. Problem is most wasn’t tested before hand so there is a lack of evidence for or against it. The gas companies would have been further ahead to test everything before hand.


    I have lived in HH for 30 years and we used to beable to drink out of our streams. This is a sad day for lynx creek,and brenot creek which pours into the peace river….the amount of fracking around here people are not able to use their wells ….now our creeks!

    Bear Code

    Slowly but surely our world gets consumed with poisons and governments do nothing but as us to vote for them. They’re criminals and liars

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