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    Kinder Morgan Bait & Switch: Backdoor pipeline to Washington State refineries could save Trans Mountain Expansion

    Could a backdoor route to Washington State refineries be the real endgame for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion? Joyce Nelson reveals troubling details behind Governor Jay Inslee's opposition to the Kinder Morgan project an...

    Why I got arrested for blocking Kinder Morgan

    Vancouver writer and activist Kyle Farquharson explains his decision to get arrested for blocking Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion, asking, "How can an enterprise serve Canada’s 'national interest' while undermining the bes...

    Film explores rare primeval forest and plan to save it from logging

    Now available online, "Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux" takes audiences deep into one of the world's last stretches of untouched, ancient, temperate rainforest and discusses a plan to protect it from logging.

    China's emissions drop, global cleantech boom are grounds for optimism on climate change

    China remains top renewable energy market, but US is catching up

    Read this May 1 EcoWatch article on China’s continued dominance of the renewable energy market – and the recent growth of the US industry. For the third time in a row, China has placed first on a top 40 ranking of re...

    Constitutional expert debunks “National Interest” argument for Kinder Morgan pipeline

    Read this April 13 Desmog Canada article on lawyer Jack Woodward’s view that the “National Interest” – often cited as a basis for forcing through the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion pipeline – doesn̵...

    What is John Horgan thinking on LNG?!

    John Horgan's LNG framework is even more delusional than the one he inherited from Christy Clark, argues Damien Gillis.

    NEB shuts down Kinder Morgan pipeline hearing website for 'maintenance'

    There is virtually zero Asian demand for Alberta bitumen, new Kinder Morgan analysis reveals

    Read this essential analysis from Mitchell Anderson in The Tyee, torpedoing the argument that Alberta needs Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion in order to capitalize on pent up Asian demand for its bitumen:...

    On Energy & First Nations, politicians want to have their cake and eat it too

    Building pipelines is necessary for fighting climate change. We can respect First Nations while violating their least according to Canada's political leaders, who want to have their cake and eat it too.

    Horgan’s right on Kinder Morgan, even if he got Site C wrong

    John Horgan may have got Site C Dam wrong, but he deserves kudos for standing up for British Columbians and our environment against the threats posed by Kinder Morgan, says Damien Gillis.

    Rafe: Christy’s oily legacy is the stain that can’t be cleaned, as climate plan revelation reminds us

    The back room deals with the oil lobby, the plundering of BC Hydro and ICBC, the fiscal recklessness and corporate handouts - Christy Clark's legacy will stick with BC for years to come, says Rafe Mair.