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    Why coal can’t make America great again

    Donald Trump has promised to fire up the US coal sector. Amid a long-term global and domestic downturn for the industry, energy expert Will Dubitsky explains why coal can't make America great again.

    As Big Oil tanks, why is Canada so slow to adapt?

    With 17 major projects now shelved in the high-cost Alberta tar sands, amid a persistent downturn in global oil prices, why are Canadian leaders so slow to adapt to the booming cleantech economy?

    Note to Justin: Pipelines don’t help transition to green economy

    Justin Trudeau should stop pretending pipelines will help us transition off fossil fuels and start investing seriously in green jobs, says retired federal energy analyst Will Dubitsky.

    Despite Trump & Trudeau’s pipeline fetish, green economy will keep booming

    Why even Trump and Trudeau's big support for new pipelines can't slow down the global economy's rapid shift to renewables.

    Electric Vehicles are set to take off…so why is Trudeau still pushing pipelines?

    Electric vehicle sales are set to explode - thanks to massive investment from car makers and new regs - which will keep driving down demand for oil. So why is the Trudeau govt still pushing pipelines?

    Trudeau abandons green election promises, lacks real climate plan

    Many of Justin Trudeau's green election promises are quickly falling by the wayside, with pipelines moving forward, unsolved regulatory problems, cuts to clean tech funding, and a lack of vision for addressing climate change an...

    Pipelines to Nowhere- Energy East, Kinder Morgan make no sense amid global green energy boom, tanking oil market

    Pipelines to Nowhere: Energy East, Kinder Morgan make no sense amid global green energy boom, tanking oil market

    With the longterm decline of fossil fuel markets, Canada should abandon old-economy pipeline projects like Energy East and Kinder Morgan and focus on the booming green economy, argues Will Dubitsky.

    Canada should put the brakes on misleading, ineffective fuel economy standards

    Canadian fuel economy standards mislead consumers and don't effectively tackle GHGs. It's we shift to a better system, says Will Dubitsky.

    Exxon disses paltry clean tech subsidies while oil industry takes Trillions from taxpayers

    Exxon executives whine about public subsidies for renewables, ignoring the fact that their industry takes far bigger taxpayer handouts - in the Trillions a year, according to the IMF.

    How Alberta NDP can get r done with green energy…seriously

    Alberta's new Notley NDP government could turn over a new leaf and build a thriving clean tech sector while growing green jobs...seriously. Innovation expert Will Dubitsky explains how.