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    Bans on fracking like the one brought in by Quebec could be upended by a proposed Canada-EU Trade Deal (Clement Sabourin/AFP/Getty Images).

    New report: Canada-EU trade agreement threatens fracking bans

    The Council of Canadians, along with the Transnational Institute and Corporate Europe Observatory, released a report this week examining the threat that a proposed Canada-EU free trade deal would have on a community’s abili...

    Water and Power Tour poster

    Audio: Rafe Mair talks WATER + POWER Tour on CBC Kamloops

    Common Sense Canadian co-founder Rafe Mair appeared on CBC Kamloops Tuesday morning to discuss his upcoming tour, titled “WATER + POWER: The Future of BC’s Energy, Environment and Democracy.” A former Socred ...

    First Nation taking on Canada-China trade deal needs your help

    First Nation taking on Canada-China trade deal needs your help

    A legal challenge underway by a BC First Nation may hold the last, best hope in the battle to protect Canada’s resources, environment and democracy from the Canada-China trade deal, known as FIPPA (Foreign Investment Prom...

    The Shell drilling rig that ran aground, The Kulluk (Greenpeace photo)

    Mother Nature, US Govt Chase Shell Out of Arctic

    Shell Oil, the first energy company granted coveted Arctic drilling permits by the US Government, is shutting down operations for all of 2013, nearly as quickly as they began. Shell’s hand is being forced by the Interiror...

    Climate Change a Failure of Political Will

    Climate Change a failure of political will

    Politicians who almost universally claim to be so well-informed that they can run countries, cannot also claim to be so ill-informed that they do not appreciate the gravity of the unfolding environmental crisis


    Despite PM’s Assurances, Floodgates Open to Chinese Govt as Encana, PetroChina Partner

    “For the right price, anything is for sale” -Anthony Lambert, President and CEO of a Canadian arm of Chinese state-owned Sinopec, known as Sinopec Daylight Energy Canadians are seeing red this week after a series of...

    photo: Kin Cheung/Associated Press

    Harper’s China Syndrome: PM in a Pickle Over Nexen Buyout, Trade Deal

    Following an eventful couple of weeks for the Canada-China energy trade file, Stephen Harper finds himself in quite a pickle. The Prime Minster is stuck between his resolute commitment to opening up a carbon corridor to Asian m...

    Elizabeth May Raises Alarm in House Over Controversial Canada-China Trade Deal

    Check out this press release from Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May, raising concerns over a new trade deal with China quietly signed by Stephen Harper last month. May rose in the House this week to state her objection...

    Conservationists in Panama push a South Atlantic Whale Sancturay plan prior to the annual IWC meeting

    Japan Torpedoes South Atlantic Whale Sancruary on Day 1 of IWC Meeting in Panama

    Renowned BC-based whale expert Dr. Paul Spong reports on Day 1 of the 64th annual International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting, taking place this week in Panama. One of the great things about Panama is the predictability of t...

    Monsanto busted by Wikileaks

    Monsanto busted by Wikileaks – Documents show US Government working for Monsanto, threatening ‘military-style trade wars’

    Read this op-ed from, discussing the recent release by Wikileaks of US diplomatic cables which show US embassies behaving as agents for agro-biotech giant Monsanto, even threatening countries who moved to ban...