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Lorne Craig's Climate Silence
 Energy and Resources
Retired Navy Commander torpedoes LNG lobby's tanker safety story

Ret. Navy Commander torpedoes LNG lobby’s tanker safety story

"Astounding, if not laughable", is how retired Royal Canadian Navy Commander Roger Sweeny describes the assurances of a high-powered LNG lobby that tankers in Howe Sound would be safe.
Last day for public comments on Woodfibre LNG proposal
Lawyer warns LNG industry- Don't count on power from Site C dam

Lawyer warns LNG industry: Don’t count on power from Site C dam

Legal challenges from First Nations and farmers could scuttle or delay Site C dam for years, lawyer Rob Botterell warns the LNG industry counting on power from the hydro project.
Shocking critique from Site C Panel Chair should have govt pulling plug
Landmark Treaty 8 lawsuit challenges Site C Dam, LNG

DFO clings to bad science, refuses to close herring fishery in Area 7

DFO confirmed to the Heiltsuk Nation today that it will not close a herring gillnet fishery in Area 7, despite harsh criticism of its flawed forecasting methods.
Heiltsuk Nation occupies DFO office in face of expected herring fishery
 Climate Change
Oil prices drop as global warming rises- Suzuki

Oil prices drop as global warming rises: Suzuki

Plunging oil prices bring both benefits and challenges to our economy and environment, says David Suzuki. Which is why we must seize this moment to make important changes for our future.
Carbon Year- Pressure building for real global climate pact
The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas