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Lorne Craig's Climate Silence
 Energy and Resources
Making Fractured Land: Caleb Behn and Wade Davis (left) being interviewed by directors Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis (Photo: Zack Embree)

Fractured Land hits theatres

After five years in production, the award-winning Fractured Land is hitting theatres around BC. Common Sense Canadian publisher and the film's co-director Damien Gillis discusses the process and screenings.
Rafe- BCNDP convention shows they still don't get it
Northern First Nations band together to block Petronas' LNG plans
Rafe- NDP Opposition should try some actual opposing

Rafe: NDP Leader Horgan’s Site C Dam opposition is a game-changer

NDP Leader John Horgan has finally come out swinging against Site C Dam - a wise political move that will benefit his party in the provincial election, says Rafe Mair.
Fracking, Site C and the mystery of Hudson's Hope water contamination
Site C not necessary until at least 2029, BC Hydro's own numbers show
Fourteen-year-old Freyja Reed talks to reporters (Alexandra Morton/Facebook)

Much to be learned from girls’ soccer and fish farm sponsorship debacle

Fourteen-year-old Freyja Reed's expulsion from a community soccer team for refusing to quite criticizing sponsor Marine Harvest is a social justice issue, says Ray Grigg.
An existing BC salmon farm (Damien Gillis)
 Climate Change
Canada Election 2015- Where do the parties stand on climate change

Canada Election 2015: Where do the parties stand on climate change?

Where do the 2015 Canadian election contenders stand on climate change? Kevin Grandia breaks down their positions.
Suzuki- Volkswagen cheated climate, people's health
Burning: A summer of fire, smoke, ash and change