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Lorne Craig's Climate Silence
 Energy and Resources
Woodfibre LNG- Shady PR firms, lobby violations, fraudulent owner - Is this the kind of business BC wants to welcome

Woodfibre LNG: Shady PR, lobby violations, fraudulent, eco-criminal owner…Is this the kind of business BC wants to welcome?

From shady PR to lobby violations and a long record of fraud and eco-crimes for Woodfibre LNG's Indonesian owner, Rafe Mair asks why BC would want anything to do with this proposed project.
Harper, BC Tory MPs have oil on their hands from English Bay spill
Botched English Bay oil spill confirms BC 'woefully unprepared' for more pipelines, tankers- Open letter
Glacier National Park in BC's Kootenays has seen decreasing snowpacks in recent years (Sesivany/Jiri Eischmann/Wikipedia)

Canada takes water for granted amid melting snowpacks, glaciers

Facing melting glaciers and decreasing snowpacks, Canada is not immune to climate change and water shortages, as a UN report reminds us.
Lawyer warns LNG industry- Don't count on power from Site C dam
Shocking critique from Site C Panel Chair should have govt pulling plug
The untold story behind the herring fishery fiasco

The untold story behind the central coast herring fishery fiasco

The untold story behind one of the most heated standoffs over fish which the BC coast has ever witnessed – the recent clash between DFO and the Heiltsuk Nation over the central coast herring fishery.
 Climate Change
Oil prices drop as global warming rises- Suzuki

Oil prices drop as global warming rises: Suzuki

Plunging oil prices bring both benefits and challenges to our economy and environment, says David Suzuki. Which is why we must seize this moment to make important changes for our future.
Carbon Year- Pressure building for real global climate pact
The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas