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Lorne Craig's Climate Silence
 Energy and Resources
Reductio ad absurdum- Why we environmentalists are missing the boat with sham hearings, technical arguments

Reductio ad absurdum: Why we environmentalists are missing the boat with sham hearings, technical arguments

Technical arguments and sham hearings on the merits and risks of pipelines and tankers miss the point, argues Rafe Mair.
Prince Rupert at Risk- LNG tanker safety is the elephant on the water
Kinder Morgan bills customers for pipeline application
BC Premier Christy Clark speaks at former Premier Bill Bennett's funeral (Province of BC/flickr)

Rafe: Shame on Premier Clark for playing Site C politics at Bill Bennett’s funeral

Rafe Mair calls out BC Premier Christy Clark for shameless politicking over Site C Dam at Bill Bennett's funeral and for dismissing LNG opponents as "the forces of 'No'"
Longtime Bc Premier WAC Bennett's dream is dead
Treaty 8 Steward of the Land Helen Knott at Rocky Mountain Fort camp (facebook)
Fourteen-year-old Freyja Reed talks to reporters (Alexandra Morton/Facebook)

Much to be learned from girls’ soccer and fish farm sponsorship debacle

Fourteen-year-old Freyja Reed's expulsion from a community soccer team for refusing to quite criticizing sponsor Marine Harvest is a social justice issue, says Ray Grigg.
An existing BC salmon farm (Damien Gillis)
 Climate Change
Yann Toma's "Human Energy" art project at the Eiffel Tower during COP21 (Flickr CC licence / Yann Caradec)

May calls Paris deal “a masterful balancing act” between ideal and practical

Elizabeth May calls the recent Paris climate deal “a masterful balancing act” between the ideal and practical. Ray Grigg on the imperfect, yet laudable and achievable agreement.
Large hydro dams aren't green - they actually drive climate change
Canada Election 2015- Where do the parties stand on climate change