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 Energy and Resources
Port Metro Vancouver is taking a big step backwards with coal terminal approval, say critics

Port Metro endorses “fuel of last century” with coal terminal OK

Despite major environmental and health concerns, Port Metro Vancouver has approved a proposed coal terminal at Fraser Surrey Docks that can handle over four million metric tonnes of coal per year.
NEB sides with Kinder Morgan, but company must respect Burnaby's bylaws
Dams can cause heart attacks in sprinting sockeye- UBC-BCHydro study

Dams can cause heart attacks in sprinting salmon: UBC-BC Hydro study

A new study by UBC researchers, funded by BC Hydro, finds that sockeye salmon swimming through fast-moving waters, downstream from dams, can die of a heart attack.
SFU, regional district expand Peace Valley water study re oil and gas
Detroit turns taps back on after outrage over private water control
Morton seeks answers from Grieg over farmed salmon die-off

Morton seeks answers from Grieg over farmed salmon die-off

In an open letter to the Norwegian owner of Grieg Seafood, salmon biologist Alexandra Morton seeks answers over a mysterious farmed salmon die-off.
Vancouver Aquarium can keep cetaceans, with breeding restrictions
Orcas face triple threat - Vessel noise, pollution, lack of food
 Climate Change
Melting sea ice a help and hindrance to Arctic drilling

Harper govt muzzles Arctic scientists from discussing polar ice melt

Canada's Arctic scientists have been muzzled by the Harper government from discussing record polar ice melt with the public, documents reveal.
Canadian rockers join 'Blue Dot' tour - David Suzuki's swan song
Canada's cities take lead on climate change