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 Energy and Resources
The environment IS the economy says Tory MP Weston

“The environment IS the economy” says Tory MP Weston…Really?

Rafe Mair takes his Conservative MP John Weston to task over pushing for LNG in Howe Sound and pretending to care about the environment.
Petronas would use foreign workers to build LNG project
Science World helps sell LNG to BC youth
Law suits, govt errors may sink Site C Dam

Site C Dam: Govt ignores own rules, faces multiple lawsuits

Whether or not the BC Liberal government approves Site C Dam, the $8.5 Billion+ project faces multiple lawsuits from landowners and First Nations, based on the government breaking its own laws.
BC Premier Christy Clark would choose the LNG industry over Site C Dam
IPPs even worse rip-off than Site C Dam, SFU economist warns
Salmon Farmers' ads more full of crap than seafloor beneath their pens

Salmon Farmers’ ads more full of crap than seabed beneath their pens

The salmon farming industry's latest ad, in the Globe and Mail, is full of tall tales, covering up its waste and environmental problems, while grossly exaggerating job claims - says DC Reid.
Harper govt's new salmon farm regs would open floodgates for waste dumping
Pristine Coast doc reveals surprising, untold history of salmon farms
 Climate Change
Carbon numbers keep rising, despite UN climate deals

Carbon numbers keep rising, despite UN climate deals

Despite years of climate deals, the world's carbon numbers keep rising - but there are hopeful signs that things are beginning to change, say Ray Grigg.
Creation mythology and modern environmental apocalypse
Justin Trudeau continues Liberal greenwash legacy- Former govt insider