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Lorne Craig's Climate Silence
 Energy and Resources
Premier Christy Clark announcing...the same thing she's announced many times before (BC Govt)

Premier Clark spews more hot air with LNG non-announcent

Premier Christy Clark had nothing new to offer with her "big announcement" on LNG this week.
Highway 16 blockade on Saturday (Photo submitted)
A tar sands operation in Fort McMurray, Alberta (photo: Chris Krüg)
Justice for the Peace- Site C Dam goes to court

Justice for the Peace: Site C Dam goes to court

The BC Liberal government and BC Hydro recently faced a legal setback in federal court for their plans to start building Site C Dam this summer. Damien Gillis explains on CFAX 1070.
Location of proposed Site C Dam (photo: Damien Gillis)
New interactive map reveals largest farmland exclusion in ALR history for Site C Dam

Alexandra Morton explains her court win over salmon farm industry

Alexandra Morton explains her recent federal court victory over the salmon farming industry, which prohibits it from using diseased smolts in its open net pens.
The untold story behind the herring fishery fiasco
 Climate Change

New book asks: Can civilization survive unprecedented climate crisis?

Author David Ray Griffin's new book explains how climate change related water and food shortages pose an unprecedented challenge to humanity, requiring a radical response.
China's emissions drop, global cleantech boom are grounds for optimism on climate change
Oil prices drop as global warming rises- Suzuki