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 Energy and Resources

Fort Nelson First Nation drums govt, industry out of LNG conference

Outraged over the gutting of environmental reviews for natural gas plants, the chief of Fort Nelson First Nation booted government and industry reps from a BC LNG conference.
BC LNG faces growing First Nations opposition
Parks Act changed for Kinder Morgan's illegal pipeline research
Yukon fracking threatens groundwater safety: hydrologist

Yukon fracking threatens groundwater safety: hydrologist

The Yukon needs a better understanding of its groundwater system before the government gives fracking a green light, says hydrologist Dr. Gilles Wendling.
David Suzuki-Trading water for fuel is fracking crazy
California rejects green label for BCs private river power projects
Shrimp farming (Photo: Jughandle's Fat Farm).

Unshelled: The truth about shrimp

Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the United States, with Americans eating an average of 4.1 pounds per person annually.
Fisheries Minister's weak response to salmon inquiry petition
Fish farm sewage-DFO expansions cost you money
 Climate Change
A very human dilemma - Population woes vs. biological imperative

A very human dilemma: Population woes vs. biological imperative

Ray Grigg grapples with a most human dilemma: the collision of our population growth-related woes and the miracle of life - our biological imperative to reproduce.
Ecopathy-The environmental disease