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 Energy and Resources
NEB sides with Kinder Morgan, but company must respect Burnaby's bylaws

Pipelines in Parks? Public comment sought on Kinder Morgan’s plans

Should Kinder Morgan be able to build its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion through protected areas in BC Parks? Find out how you can comment on the plan until Oct. 12.
BC sitting on enough geothermal to power whole province, say new maps
Watershed Moment- How fracking, LNG, dams could reshape BC's future
Energy Minister Bill Bennett

Evidence shows no need for Site C Dam: Economist to Energy Minister

Evidence clearly shows there is no need to build the $8 Billion-plus Site C Dam, says economist Erik Andersen in a letter to Energy Minister Bill Bennett
Harper govt joins BC in backing Site C, despite significant adverse environmental effects
Site C Dam: Federal panel seeks input from spurned energy watchdog
Harper govt's new salmon farm regs would open floodgates for waste dumping

Harper’s new fish farm laws would open floodgates to waste dumping

DC Reid tells Stephen Harper that British Columbians won't tolerate the further gutting of salmon farm regulations, enabling the aquaculture industry to dump its waste into our oceans.
Pristine Coast doc reveals surprising, untold history of salmon farms
New laws would enable fish farms to dump more waste, chemicals
 Climate Change
Bank of England's Carney- Most fossil fuel reserves shouldn't be burned

Bank of England’s Mark Carney: Most fossil fuel reserves shouldn’t be burned

Even Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is now saying most of the world's fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Greenwash king Patrick Moore turns climate change denier
Large hydro dams aren't green - they actually drive climate change