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Lorne Craig's Climate Silence
 Energy and Resources
The aging "LNG Taurus" off of South Africa in 2013
( Photo: Anton Bergstrom )

Cost-cutting trumps safety at Woodfibre LNG

Woodfibre LNG's purchase of a pair of nearly 40-year-old LNG tankers to use as floating storage tanks in Howe Sound shows they are willing to trade safety for cost savings, says Eoin Finn.
South Australia blazes trail for renewable energy
DFO uses stealth to open herring fishery despite First Nations ban
BC Hydro being used to funnel billions to Liberal friends

BC Hydro being used to funnel tens of billions to Liberal friends

BC Hydro is being used to funnel tens of billions in public dollars through construction contracts to Liberal friends, says Norm Farrell after reviewing the utility's financial data.
Rafe- Weaver, BC Greens should quit supporting private river power sham
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip is among the BC First Nations leaders demanding a halt to Site C Construction (Damien Gillis)
Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC's farmed salmon

Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC’s farmed salmon is a game-changer

The discovery of a deadly Norwegian disease in BC-raised farmed salmon is a game-changer, says Ray Grigg, especially since it could spread to wild salmon.
Juvenile salmon at Flora Bank, where a controversial LNG terminal is proposed (Tavish Campbell)
A BC sockeye salmon spawning (Stan Probocsz/Watershed Watch)
 Climate Change
Christy Clark promotes "Clean LNG" at Vancouver conference last year (David P. Ball)

Longtime Lions Bay Mayor: LNG is plain dirty, violates Canada’s climate commitments

LNG is dirty, plain and simple, charges former Lions Bay Mayor Brenda Broughton. She slams both the Trudeau and Clark governments for jeopardizing Canada's climate commitments by ignoring or cherry-picking the science, and main...
Solar installation class (Haggerston Community College/Flickr CC licence)
Yann Toma's "Human Energy" art project at the Eiffel Tower during COP21 (Flickr CC licence / Yann Caradec)