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    What is John Horgan thinking on LNG?!

    John Horgan's LNG framework is even more delusional than the one he inherited from Christy Clark, argues Damien Gillis.

    On Energy & First Nations, politicians want to have their cake and eat it too

    Building pipelines is necessary for fighting climate change. We can respect First Nations while violating their least according to Canada's political leaders, who want to have their cake and eat it too.

    Horgan’s right on Kinder Morgan, even if he got Site C wrong

    John Horgan may have got Site C Dam wrong, but he deserves kudos for standing up for British Columbians and our environment against the threats posed by Kinder Morgan, says Damien Gillis.

    Former TD Bank Comptroller: Site C Dam too costly, unnecessary

    Swain: Building Site C would harm BC’s credit rating; cancelling it would not

    Building Site C Dam would harm BC's credit rating, says the head of the Joint Review panel into the controversial $10-12.5 Billion project, whereas cancelling it would be a "huge relief" to credit rating agencies. "No downgrade...

    Caught on camera: More blood water from Tofino farmed salmon processing plant

    More blood water has been captured billowing into UNESCO biosphere reserve Clayoquot Sound from the outfall pipe of a Tofino salmon farming processing plant.

    No rate shock from cancelling Site C: Head of review panel

    Cancelling Site C won't hit ratepayers with big power bill increases, says the head of the Joint Review Panel into Site C Dam, who also shoots down other arguments in favour of continuing the project, such as climate benefits a...

    Why approving Site C could sink NDP

    Continuing with Site C Dam would cost ratepayers even more than the BCUC suggests. It would also cost the NDP politically as BC Hydro drowns in debt, warns Damien Gillis.

    Riding with Rafe: 10 years of stories from a BC icon

    For the final 10 years of Rafe Mair's life, as the legendary BC voice entered a new era of media and environmental advocacy, Damien Gillis was along for the ride. Though 48 years apart, the pair co-founded The Common Sense Cana...

    Rafe Mair says goodbye

    As we mourn the passing of a legend and dear friend, Rafe Mair’s own word’s in 2011 at his 80th Birthday Roast serve as a fitting goodbye from a man who was ahead of his time and never stopped fighting for the people and en...

    Rafe: Christy’s oily legacy is the stain that can’t be cleaned, as climate plan revelation reminds us

    The back room deals with the oil lobby, the plundering of BC Hydro and ICBC, the fiscal recklessness and corporate handouts - Christy Clark's legacy will stick with BC for years to come, says Rafe Mair.