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Nisga’a Nation community members protest LNG deal

Grassroots cracks are forming in a proposed deal between a Nisga'a Nation elected leaders and Pacific Northwest LNG - backed by Malaysia's Petronas.

Former Hydro head pulls out of NEB's farcical Kinder Morgan hearings

Former Hydro head pulls out of NEB’s “farcical” Kinder Morgan hearings

The former head of BC Hydro has dropped out of the National Energy Board's "farcical" hearings for the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline, through a scathing letter to the regulator.

No surprise- Liberals slash public revenues from BC LNG

No surprise: Liberals slash public revenues from BC LNG

The Liberals are slashing once-promised windfall tax revenues from the proposed BC LNG industry - just as The Common Sense Canadian has been predicting for the past year.

Site C Dam: Federal panel seeks input from spurned energy watchdog

Site C gets BC certificate; Feds, First Nations leave project in doubt

The BC government will grant Site C Dam an environmental certificate, but doubts linger about the project's future - with strong First Nations opposition and the Harper Cabinet yet to issue its own decision.

NEB sides with Kinder Morgan, but company must respect Burnaby's bylaws

Pipelines in Parks? Public comment sought on Kinder Morgan’s plans

Should Kinder Morgan be able to build its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion through protected areas in BC Parks? Find out how you can comment on the plan until Oct. 12.

High Noon for BC LNG- Legislative session to focus on industry

High Noon for BC LNG? Legislative session to focus on industry

After big promises and plenty of criticism, Premier Christy Clark's vaunted BC LNG industry will be put to the test in a rare Fall legislative session.