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Wind power cost plummets to all-time low as capacity grows

As the cost of wind power plummets, nine US states now generate more than 10% of their electricity from wind.

Malaysian paper claims Petronas ready for Sept. construction start on BC LNG plant

Construction on Petronas' BC LNG plant could begin as soon as September, claims a Malaysian paper reporting on BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong's visit to the country.

Enbridge let off the hook in paltry Kalamazoo oil spill settlement

Despite a lingering mess on the Kalamazoo River long after Enbridge's 2010 oil spill, the company got off easy in its settlement with the State of Michigan.

Shell-led LNG project for Kitimat gets conditional approval from BC

Shell-led consortium LNG Canada has received conditional environmental approval for its proposed Kitimat terminal.

Has fracking peaked?

Declines in production, drilling rigs and jobs at the major US shale oil plays suggest the fracking boom may be drawing to a close.

Petronas’ LNG project gets ‘conditional approval’, despite First Nations opposition

Petronas and its partners have announced "conditional approval" for their Pacific Northwest LNG project, despite ongoing First Nations opposition.