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Support for First Nations critical following Clark-Redford pipeline deal

Native law expert: First Nations hold power to stop Enbridge

Native law expert Jack Woodward says First Nations-led lawsuits hold real power to stop Northern Gateway.

Canada's 500,000 leaky gas wells threaten groundwater, health, climate

Canada’s 500,000 leaky gas wells threaten groundwater, health, climate

A new report warns that natural gas seeping from 500,000 wellbores represent "a threat to environment and public safety", from groundwater contamination and greenhouse gases.

Economists aren't buying Tim Hudak's Million Jobs Plan

Economists aren’t buying Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan

A growing chorus of economists says Tim Hudak vastly inflated the number of jobs his signature Million Jobs Plan would create, based on an arithmetic error with his own data.

Salmon Inquiry: First Nations angry at Harper’s lack of action

Frustration is growing in First Nations communities along the Fraser River over Ottawa's failure to implement recommendations on how to bring back salmon fisheries.

Harper government guts fish farm regulations

The Harper government is laying the regulatory groundwork for a resurgence of the controversial B.C. fish farm industry.

Finance Minister Flaherty dead at 64

Ex-Finance Minister Jim Flaherty dead at 64

Recently departed Canadian Finance Minster Jim Flaherty died unexpectedly this morning at the age of 64.