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    As California drought drives up BC food prices...a dam to flood our best farmland

    UBC-led panel tackles water worries, solutions

    Common Sense Canadian publisher Damien Gillis joins a UBC Dialogues panel this Wednesday evening titled "Water Worries: What is the state of our most valuable resource?"

    Island communities could run out of water by August

    With only enough water to last until August, several Vancouver Island communities have moved to level 3 and 4 water restrictions.

    New book asks: Can civilization survive unprecedented climate crisis?

    Author David Ray Griffin's new book explains how climate change related water and food shortages pose an unprecedented challenge to humanity, requiring a radical response.

    Canada takes water for granted amid melting snowpacks, glaciers

    Facing melting glaciers and decreasing snowpacks, Canada is not immune to climate change and water shortages, as a UN report reminds us.

    California facing 500-year drought, running out of drinking water

    California facing 500-year drought, running out of drinking water

    California is dry as a bone, and the effects are like something out of an apocalyptic film. Cities are running out of water. Communities are fighting over what little water there is.

    Will Water Act overhaul rein in groundwater use for fracking, LNG?

    Will new Water Act rein in groundwater use for fracking, LNG?

    BC's century-old Water Act doesn't regulate groundwater use, leading to a "wild, wild west" environment for water-intensive industries like fracking. Will updates to the old act help address these concerns?

    China's water crisis

    China’s water crisis

    Read this Aug. 29 story from the Epoch Times on the water crisis facing China. China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization along with over exploitation and abuse of natural resources has led to serious water pollution an...

    Water, Water Everywhere, but for How Long? Privatizing Water in BC

    World Water Day (March 22nd) is a good time to consider this: Canada has nearly 10% of the world’s supply of fresh water. How lucky are we? But what is all this water doing to earn its keep? Nothing. Or so think our politicia...

    Human Numbers in 2050 – 9.2 billion+: What of Nature and Future Generations?

    The Dilemma In the 21st century humanity will, ever more frequently, face environmental impacts and risks. Climate change to an unknown future is one of the clearest signals of this. These changes will occur and be exacerbated ...