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    Peaceful Paddle lands Site C opponents on terrorist watch list

    This year's Paddle for the Peace has landed its organizers and Site C Dam opponents on a federal terrorist watch list, despite a decade of peaceful events under their belts.

    Halt Site C construction until courts have ruled, First Nations demand

    BC's top First Nations leaders are demanding that BC Hydro halt plans to start construction on Site C Dam until the courts have ruled on multiple lawsuits currently underway.

    Rafe Mair’s Modest Proposal: Scrap environmental assessments

    Environmental assessments in Stephen Harper's Canada make a mockery of democracy while wasting millions of your tax why not just scrap them, asks Rafe Mair.

    Justice for the Peace: Site C Dam goes to court

    The BC Liberal government and BC Hydro recently faced a legal setback in federal court for their plans to start building Site C Dam this summer. Damien Gillis explains on CFAX 1070.

    Site C Dam: Crown strikes out with attempt to gut First Nations’ Judicial Review

    The federal government struck out in court Friday in its attempt to gut key passages of Treaty 8 First Nations' Judicial Review into the approval of Site C Dam.

    New interactive map reveals largest farmland exclusion in ALR history for Site C Dam

    New interactive map reveals largest farmland exclusion in ALR history for Site C Dam

    A new interactive map visualizes the largest removal of agricultural land in the history of BC's ALR - including some of its best farmland - in order to build the $9 Billion proposed Site C Dam.

    New book asks: Can civilization survive unprecedented climate crisis?

    Author David Ray Griffin's new book explains how climate change related water and food shortages pose an unprecedented challenge to humanity, requiring a radical response.

    Landowners launch Site C Dam court challenge, First Nations next

    Landowners from BC's Peace Valley this week launched the first of 7 lawsuits that threaten to derail the government's $9 Billion Site C Dam.

    Canada takes water for granted amid melting snowpacks, glaciers

    Facing melting glaciers and decreasing snowpacks, Canada is not immune to climate change and water shortages, as a UN report reminds us.

    Lawyer warns LNG industry- Don't count on power from Site C dam

    Lawyer warns LNG industry: Don’t count on power from Site C dam

    Legal challenges from First Nations and farmers could scuttle or delay Site C dam for years, lawyer Rob Botterell warns the LNG industry counting on power from the hydro project.