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    How the BC Liberals killed WAC Bennett’s dream of affordable public power, ferries, rail

    Longtime BC Premier WAC Bennett's dream of affordable public power, ferries and rail is dead. Rafe Mair describes how a new generation of right wingers - the BC Liberals - killed it.

    The next Burnaby Mountain? Site C Dam opponents dig in their heels

    Could civil disobedience and arrests be the missing ingredient in the battle to halt Site C Dam? Things are getting interesting with the occupation by First Nations and supporters of Rocky Mountain Fort.

    Large hydro dams aren't green - they actually drive climate change

    Let’s quit pretending dams like Site C are good for the climate

    Hydro dams like Site C actually emit enormous greenhouse gases, according to the latest research, so labelling them "clean" is a lot of hot air.

    Rafe- NDP Opposition should try some actual opposing

    Rafe: NDP Leader Horgan’s Site C Dam opposition is a game-changer

    NDP Leader John Horgan has finally come out swinging against Site C Dam - a wise political move that will benefit his party in the provincial election, says Rafe Mair.

    Fracking, Site C and the mystery of Hudson's Hope water contamination

    Fracking, Site C and the mystery of Hudson’s Hope water contamination

    Why fracking may have caused serious water contamination near Hudson's Hope...and if it didn't, it spells big trouble for Site C Dam.

    Site C not necessary until at least 2029, BC Hydro's own numbers show

    Site C not needed until at least 2029, BC Hydro’s own numbers show

    Even BC Hydro admits the power from Site C Dam isn't needed until at least 2029 - so why the haste in building this $9 Billion white elephant?

    BC Hydro breaks promises in logging eagle’s nest for Site C Dam; May have lacked permits

    BC Hydro's clearcut logging this past weekend at the location of the proposed Site C Dam broke promises to care for active eagles' nests and may have lacked federal permits, critics charge.

    UBCM calls for delay to Site C construction as clearcutting set to begin

    Despite the UBCM's call for a halt to Site C Dam construction, the island in the Peace River where the project would be located is set to be clearcut any moment now.

    Harper and Clark: Quit goading First Nations with premature LNG, Site C work

    From LNG pipelines to Site C Dam, Stephen Harper and Christy Clark are unnecessarily stoking serious conflict with First Nations. It's time they both grow up.

    BC Hydro rushes to cut down eagles’ nests for Site C Dam, First Nations seek injunction

    Treaty 8 First Nations are seeking an injunction as BC Hydro rushes to cut down a number of Bald Eagles' nests along the Peace River starting next month.