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    Species At Risk
    Campbell-Clark Government Goes After Wolves

    Campbell/Clark Government Goes After Wolves

    The Campbell/Clark government has done it again. Now wolves will be wiped out in BC because, it’s alleged (by ranchers), that their cattle are being slaughtered by wolves. Ranchers are friends of the government while wolv...

    Oceans in Peril: Radical Action Needed to Avert 90% Species Extinction

    The oceans of Planet Earth currently contain about a quarter million species of marine organisms, which together constitute the Marine Food Pyramid and the Marine Food Web.  If we do not change our ways, radically and fundamen...

    A rare whale shark, de-finned (photo by Anthony Marr)

    Rafe on Shark Fins and the NDP

    I urge everyone to get a copy of the Vancouver Province for July 10  and read, in the A section, pp 8 and 9, a story about shark fins. It’s a tragic story and proves once again that corporations – who have no environmental...

    Deltaport - yellow indicates third birth (completed 2010), red indicates area of proposed second terminal expansion

    Simply No Need for Deltaport Terminal #2

    Oh No!  The port propaganda machine is back and here we go again with a barrage of falsehoods.  Consultants are being paid megabucks to convince us that another expansion is needed at Deltaport, Roberts Bank, involving a new ...

    Campbell-Clark Government Goes After Wolves

    Alliance Blasts Province Over Wolf “Management” Plan

    An alliance of 23 animal rights and environmental groups in BC and across Canada is furious at the BC Liberal government’s decision not to consult them regarding a new “wolf management plan” it is developing. ...

    Campbell-Clark Government Goes After Wolves

    Why are we still afraid of the big, bad wolf?

    Let’s face it – the Wolf has had lousy public relations. We all remember the story of Peter and the Wolf renowned in music and prose.