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    Rafe: Trump win was a vote against the “establishment” – but don’t count on them realizing it

    Rafe Mair predicted Trump's win in these pages two months ago. Here, he explains the result as a confused backlash against the "establishment" - who will no doubt fail to get the message.

    Rafe: How our “democracy” really works – the charade of party politics and whipped caucuses

    Former BC Cabinet Minister Rafe Mair explains how our parliamentary "democracy" really works - and why MLAs and MPs owe their allegiance not to the voter but their party leader.

    Pipelines being driven by private equity firms through ratings agency they now own

    Award-winning author Joyce Nelson explains how big private equity firms are using Canada's ratings agency, which they recently bought, to scare us into building pipelines which will directly benefit them - while ex-Alberta Prem...

    Why Donald Trump will probably beat Hillary Clinton

    The pundits are missing the real issue of the US presidential election - voters' deep anger at elites and the status quo - which is why Donald Trump will likely beat Hillary Clinton, says Canadian political commentator Rafe Mair.

    BC Greens sullied by friendship with Liberals

    The BC Liberals have benefitted from the Green Party, says Rafe Mair, whose leader Andrew Weaver supports their private power program. But that has sullied the party in the eyes of many potential supporters.

    Rafe: With May staying on, what’s next for the Green Party?

    Whither the Green Party of Canada after its recent convulsion? In order to answer that question I think it must be understood, perhaps conceded is the better word, that the Green Party isn’t like other parties and probabl...

    Elizabeth May, Rafe Mair debate Israel, BDS and Green Party’s future

    Elizabeth May and Rafe Mair's revealing exchange, debating Israel, the BDS movement and the resolution that threatens the future of the Green Party over its leader's potential departure.

    Rafe: Lessons Canada should but won’t learn from Brexit

    Rafe Mair on 'Brexit', why it happened and what Canada's political leaders should - but likely won't - learn from it about our own democratic challenges.

    Under Liberal govt, BC is drowning in hidden debt

    Under Liberal govt, BC is drowning in hidden debt

    Beneath all the talk of "balanced budgets" lies a massive fiscal mess the BC Liberal government has created - including a five-fold increase to the province's true debt, the bankrupting of BC Hydro and the boondoggle that is LNG.

    Rafe: Clark getting free ride from media, Horgan just dropping ball

    While the once-tough mainstream media gives BC Premier Christy Clark a free ride, NDP Opposition Leader John Horgan hasn't done much to help himself, says Rafe Mair.