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    Rafe: Site C Dam shows how broken our democracy is

    Our democracy is officially broken, says Rafe Mair. If you don't believe it, just look at the massively unpopular, multi-billion-dollar boondoggle that is Site C Dam and how our elected leaders have championed it over the publi...

    If not Civil Disobedience, what? Letters to the editor?…Rafe Mair on the necessary response to Site C Dam, Kinder Morgan

    Rafe Mair says the only appropriate response left to controversial energy projects like Kinder Morgan and Site C Dam is serious CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

    Rafe: Trudeau, Notley’s defence of Kinder Morgan doesn’t wash for BC

    Former BC Environment Minister Rafe Mair tells Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley where to go with their Kinder Morgan pipeline plans for BC: "We have the inherent right, like all good Canadians, to protect our ho...

    Rafe Mair to Justin Trudeau: BC is not yours to give away

    On the approval of Kinder Morgan, Rafe Mair goes inside the mind of a British Columbian, explaining to Justin Trudeau what he clearly doesn't get: Just how pissed off we really are.

    Rafe: Trudeau will have hell to pay in BC if he approves Kinder Morgan

    "British Columbians say, 'enough is enough!' From here on, our values speak as loudly as those from the businessmen's clubs of Bay Street and the nests of political party strategists," says Rafe Mair. "If you approve Kinder Mor...

    Clark’s big loss to teachers is an opening for NDP’s Horgan…at last

    At long-last, BC NDP Leader John Horgan is handed a campaign lifeline in the form of Christy Clark's humiliating loss to teachers at the Supreme Court of Canada, says Rafe Mair...Now if only he can put it to good use.

    Rafe: Trump win was a vote against the “establishment” – but don’t count on them realizing it

    Rafe Mair predicted Trump's win in these pages two months ago. Here, he explains the result as a confused backlash against the "establishment" - who will no doubt fail to get the message.

    Rafe: How our “democracy” really works – the charade of party politics and whipped caucuses

    Former BC Cabinet Minister Rafe Mair explains how our parliamentary "democracy" really works - and why MLAs and MPs owe their allegiance not to the voter but their party leader.

    Pipelines being driven by private equity firms through ratings agency they now own

    Award-winning author Joyce Nelson explains how big private equity firms are using Canada's ratings agency, which they recently bought, to scare us into building pipelines which will directly benefit them - while ex-Alberta Prem...

    Why Donald Trump will probably beat Hillary Clinton

    The pundits are missing the real issue of the US presidential election - voters' deep anger at elites and the status quo - which is why Donald Trump will likely beat Hillary Clinton, says Canadian political commentator Rafe Mair.