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    Elizabeth May, Rafe Mair debate Israel, BDS and Green Party’s future

    Elizabeth May and Rafe Mair's revealing exchange, debating Israel, the BDS movement and the resolution that threatens the future of the Green Party over its leader's potential departure.

    Rafe: Lessons Canada should but won’t learn from Brexit

    Rafe Mair on 'Brexit', why it happened and what Canada's political leaders should - but likely won't - learn from it about our own democratic challenges.

    Under Liberal govt, BC is drowning in hidden debt

    Under Liberal govt, BC is drowning in hidden debt

    Beneath all the talk of "balanced budgets" lies a massive fiscal mess the BC Liberal government has created - including a five-fold increase to the province's true debt, the bankrupting of BC Hydro and the boondoggle that is LNG.

    Rafe: Clark getting free ride from media, Horgan just dropping ball

    While the once-tough mainstream media gives BC Premier Christy Clark a free ride, NDP Opposition Leader John Horgan hasn't done much to help himself, says Rafe Mair.

    Parliamentary reform is the real change that must come from Canadian election

    Rafe: A wild idea to fix Canada’s broken democracy

    Rafe Mair proposes a wild idea that just might work to fix Canada's broken democratic system, where all the power is in the hands of the prime minister.

    ‘Responsible Government’ and how it blocks democracy – Pt.1

    Rafe Mair explains how Canadians are governed by a fraudulent charade called a "parliamentary democracy" - based on the flawed principle of "responsible government".

    BC's gift to the world- Premier Christy Clark

    Rafe: Liberals’ true economic record is appalling…that won’t stop them from winning with it

    In the absence of any decent opposition, Christy Clark's BC Liberals will likely win the next election, running on their economic record, says Rafe Mair. The problem is, that record is truly appalling.

    Rafe: Of course Christy Clark is guilty of conflict of interest…so is Commissioner Fraser

    Of course Christy Clark is guilty of a conflict of interest, says Rafe Mair. Going by the letter of the law, so is the Commissioner who exonerated her, Paul Fraser.

    Rafe: What it would take for the NDP to start winning

    Rafe Mair has a few ideas for the perennially losing NDP to start winning elections - beginning with some soul searching on the party's devotion to big labour bosses (not their worker members).

    Search for future Governor General raises ghosts of Canada’s scandalous past

    Rafe Mair reflects on how the "law and order" Conservative government and our outgoing Governor General whitewashed the Mulroney/Airbus scandal and made a mockery of Parliament.