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    Former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and outgoing Governor General David Johnston (Canada 2020/Flickr cc licence)

    Search for future Governor General raises ghosts of Canada’s scandalous past

    Rafe Mair reflects on how the "law and order" Conservative government and our outgoing Governor General whitewashed the Mulroney/Airbus scandal and made a mockery of Parliament.

    BCNDP Leader John Horgan touring Metro Van Pipes in 2014 (BCNDP/Flickr cc licence)

    Rafe: NDP’s Horgan too quick to dismiss Leap Manifesto

    BCNDP leader John Horgan has been too quick to dismiss the Leap Manifesto, says Rafe Mair. Instead of showing real vision and distinguishing himself from Premier Christy Clark, Horgan has chosen a losing path to the 2017 election.

    BCNDP leader John Horgan (BCNDP/Flickr)

    Rafe: Gutless Horgan caves to union, apologizes for opposing LNG project

    Rafe Mair calls out BC NDP Leader John Horgan for caving to a powerful union and apologizing for opposing Petronas' Lelu Island LNG project.

    Rafe- NDP's LNG reversal is a game-changer in BC election

    Rafe: NDP’s LNG reversal is a game-changer for BC election

    BC NDP Leader John Horgan's decision to oppose Petronas' Lelu Island LNG project is a game-changer for the upcoming provincial election, says Rafe Mair.

    Rafe- Weaver, BC Greens should quit supporting private river power sham

    Rafe: Weaver, BC Greens should quit backing private river power sham

    Rafe Mair has praised the Green Party on many fronts, but its BC leader, Dr. Andrew Weaver makes a fatal mistake with his continued support of the Liberals' private power sham, which is bankrupting BC Hydro while destroying our...

    The NDP's only shot at winning in BC: Embrace the NEW ECONOMY

    The NDP’s only shot at winning in BC: Embrace the NEW ECONOMY

    The NDP has one slim chance of winning the next BC election: Embracing the "New Economy" - creating healthy, sustainable jobs vs. the Liberals' old, bankrupt ideas of LNG and big dams.

    Federal Green Leader Elizabeth May with Provincial Leader Andrew Weaver (Green party/facebook)

    Rafe: Elizabeth May and the Greens should double down on BC

    Rafe Mair has a little fun with a wild idea: If Elizabeth May took over the BC Green Party, she'd have an outside shot of beating the Liberals and NDP in next year's election.

    Artist's rendering of proposed floating LNG terminal in Saaninch Inlet - Malahat LNG

    Politicians shouldn’t be cowed into keeping mum on Saanich LNG project, says eminent lawyer

    Should elected regional directors be allowed to voice their opinion on an LNG project before the company formally applies? That's the question at the centre of a bizarre, heated legal and political controversy in Saanich Inlet ...

    By backing LNG, the Horgan NDP lost the election before it began

    Rafe: By backing LNG, the Horgan NDP lost election before it began

    In backing the Liberals' LNG vision, John Horgan and the BCNDP made a fatal mistake, argues Rafe Mair. Had they done their job in opposition, they would now be poised to take down the government over its failed policies - inste...

    Liberal MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones (Flickr/CreativeMornings Vancouver/Matthew Smith)

    Rafe: MP’s Woodfibre LNG meetings to focus on climate…what about fish, tanker and health risks?

    Liberal MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is holding a series of public meetings into Woodfibre LNG's climate impacts - but what about local fish, tanker and health risks, asks Rafe Mair.