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    Merkel took BMW money before putting brakes on tougher emissions cuts

    Merkel took BMW money before putting brakes on EU emissions cuts

    Germany blocked the introduction of tougher EU emissions rules for cars shortly after Chancellor Angela Merkel's party received a large donation from three major BMW shareholders.

    Billionaire Tom Steyer blames Harper's agressive Keystone lobbying for US govt shutdown

    Billionaire Tom Steyer blasts Harper’s agressive Keystone lobbying

    Billionaire anti-Keystone XL pipeline crusader Tom Steyer says Stephen Harper's aggressive lobbying for the project played a part in the ongoing government shutdown south of the border.

    Harper Govt spent $120 million helping Enbridge: Elizabeth May

    Stephen Harper “won’t take ‘No’ for an answer” on Keystone XL pipeline

    Read this story from the Associated Press on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s bold statement on Keystone XL at a talk in New York. Harper’s true climate policy has been hard to follow of late. On the one hand he̵...

    New York Times editorial slams Harper's muzzling scientists

    New York Times editorial slams Harper’s muzzling scientists

    Even The New York Times is questioning Prime Minister Stephen Harper's anti-science agenda, which recently spurred 17 cross-Canada rallies. A new ediotiral calls attention to muzzling scientists in defence of Harper's oil and g...

    Harper getting desperate to move Alberta oil

    Harper getting desperate to move Alberta oil as pipelines stall

    Stephen Harper's getting desperate to find ways for expanding the Alberta Tar Sands, leading to some erratic behaviour - from mulling a plan to move massive quantities of bitumen by rail to an abrupt u-turn on aboriginal rela...

    Harper Govt spent $120 million helping Enbridge: Elizabeth May

    Harper caught helping Enbridge while wooing Obama on climate

    New allegations that Stephen Harper gave a $120 million handout to Enbridge complicate efforts to green his image with Obama and advance the Keystone XL pipeline.

    First Nation taking on Canada-China trade deal needs your help

    First Nations slam court’s rejection of Canada-China trade deal challenge

    Read this Aug. 27 Vancouver Observer story on the reaction of the Hupacasath First Nation to news of a feral court’s rejection of its appeal of the secretive Canada-China trade agreement, known as FIPPA. “The govern...

    Canada’s Green Economy needs public investment

    While public banks in countries like China, the US, the UK, Germany, Denmark and Brazil are investing billions in renewable energy development, Canada is falling behind on innovation.

    Clean Tech Trade Wars: US, European Union vs. China and how FIPPA Hamstrings Canada

    The following is an excerpt from Will Dubitsky’s 3-part blog on FIPPA. Canada is shooting itself in the foot with the China-Canada trade agreement – the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA). Sp...

    Brazil, Russia force Olympic-sized wake-up call

    For years, the occasional Cassandra has tried alerting the world to the true nature, purpose and “legacy” of the Olympic Games – yet their warnings have fallen on deaf ears, muted by the cacophony of corporate...