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    Kinder Morgan Bait & Switch: Backdoor pipeline to Washington State refineries could save Trans Mountain Expansion

    Could a backdoor route to Washington State refineries be the real endgame for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion? Joyce Nelson reveals troubling details behind Governor Jay Inslee's opposition to the Kinder Morgan project an...

    Trumplandia vs. Clarklandia: How BC stands to lose on LNG, lumber and trade

    As The Donald remakes America into Trumplandia, the shockwaves will be felt in Clarklandia, as the province formerly known as BC struggles to build an LNG industry and protect its lumber trade.

    Rafe: Trump win was a vote against the “establishment” – but don’t count on them realizing it

    Rafe Mair predicted Trump's win in these pages two months ago. Here, he explains the result as a confused backlash against the "establishment" - who will no doubt fail to get the message.

    Why Donald Trump will probably beat Hillary Clinton

    The pundits are missing the real issue of the US presidential election - voters' deep anger at elites and the status quo - which is why Donald Trump will likely beat Hillary Clinton, says Canadian political commentator Rafe Mair.

    Elizabeth May, Rafe Mair debate Israel, BDS and Green Party’s future

    Elizabeth May and Rafe Mair's revealing exchange, debating Israel, the BDS movement and the resolution that threatens the future of the Green Party over its leader's potential departure.

    Rafe: Lessons Canada should but won’t learn from Brexit

    Rafe Mair on 'Brexit', why it happened and what Canada's political leaders should - but likely won't - learn from it about our own democratic challenges.

    Trudeau 'disappointed' at Obama's killing of Keystone XL...Get over it

    Trudeau ‘disappointed’ at Obama’s killing of Keystone XL…Get over it

    If Justin Trudeau is serious about a "fresh start" with Obama and the US, then he better not shed too many tears over their killing of the Keystone XL pipeline.

    The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas

    The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas

    Ray Grigg on why Stephen Harper is the Grinch who stole Climate Christmas.

    Harper signing off on FIPA trade deal before trip to China

    Harper to sign off on FIPA trade deal before trip to China

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper will finally sign off on the controversial FIPA trade deal today, sources say, in advance of an upcoming trip to China.

    David Suzuki: Leaders must put people before politics

    David Suzuki: Leaders must put people before politics

    "Our elected leaders should have a vision that extends beyond the next election and the latest Dow Jones average — to our children and grandchildren," says David Suzuki