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    Rafe- Niqab defence may cost Trudeau, Mulcair...but they're right

    Rafe: Niqab defence may cost Trudeau and Mulcair…but they’re right

    "What's happened to a nation famous for tolerance, understanding, and minding one's own business?" asks Rafe Mair on the anti-Niqab furor.

    Why Strategic Voting is essential in Canadian Election

    Why Strategic Voting is essential for Canada

    In the last two elections, the Conservatives gained 6% in the final weeks. It could happen again. That's why it's time for Harper opponents to talk seriously about strategic voting, says Doug Carrick.

    A baby boomer's plea- On Harper, Legacy and the Canadian election

    A Baby Boomer’s plea: On Harper, Legacy and the Canadian election

    One Baby Boomer's plea to her generation - on the Canadian election and repairing the damage wrought by the Harper Government to their grandchildren's Canada

    Dear Prime Minister- Time for electoral reform, says Rafe Mair

    Dear Prime Minister: Time for electoral reform, says Rafe Mair

    "Surely, the days when less than 40% of the popular vote achieve 100% of the power must be put behind us," says Rafe Mair in this letter to Stephen Harper, calling on him to join the push for electoral reform.

    NDP, Green candidates oppose Woodfibre LNG outright; Liberal and Tory are different story

    NDP, Green candidates oppose Woodfibre LNG outright; Liberal and Tory are different story

    Local NDP and Green candidates steadfastly oppose the Woodfibre LNG project, according to a recent survey, while the Liberal candidate has a list of conditions and Tory MP John Weston remains in favour.

    Rafe Mair on Trudeau’s surprise comeback, Mulcair’s continued strength

    Rafe Mair on the federal election campaign that continues to surprise, with Justin Trudeau staging a comeback and Tom Mulcair holding onto a strong lead.

    Enbridge battle far from over, even if Harper approves pipeline

    Harper in danger of slipping to third place: New polls

    New polls suggest the Harper Conservatives are in danger of slipping into third place behind the Liberals and NDP, which maintains a healthy lead in the federal election campaign.

    Why privacy matters in this Canadian election

    Stephen Harper is oh-so private with the media but he's handed away your constitutional right to privacy - an important consideration in this Canadian election, says Kevin Grandia.

    The Harper Conservative economic disaster

    From gross fiscal mismanagement to betting everything on the Alberta tar sands, Doug Carrick digs into the Harper Conservatives' economic disaster.

    Rafe Mair's State of the Union on Canadian politics, environment

    Rafe Mair’s ‘State of the Union’ on Canadian environmental politics

    Rafe Mair's "State of the Union" on Canadian politics - from Harper's criminalizing of environmental defenders to Mulcair and Trudeau's weak energy stances and Christy Clark's LNG pipe dreams.