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    Rafe: MP’s Woodfibre LNG meetings to focus on climate…what about fish, tanker and health risks?

    Liberal MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is holding a series of public meetings into Woodfibre LNG's climate impacts - but what about local fish, tanker and health risks, asks Rafe Mair.

    Rafe: Old “Left” vs. “Right” divide no longer applies to environment

    The old divide between "left" and "right" no longer applies to the environment, says Rafe Mair, as even traditionally conservative voters are now paying attention to things like climate and water. Politicians who fail to grasp ...

    Reductio ad absurdum: Why we environmentalists are missing the boat with sham hearings, technical arguments

    Technical arguments and sham hearings on the merits and risks of pipelines and tankers miss the point, argues Rafe Mair.

    Rafe- Premier Clark right for opposing Trudeau's Senate plans - but she's going about it the wrong way

    Rafe: Premier Clark right for opposing Trudeau’s Senate plans – but she’s going about it the wrong way

    BC Premier Christy Clark is right to oppose Justin Trudeau's "idiotic" plans for the Senate, says Rafe Mair, but she's going about it the wrong way.

    When the honeymoon ends with PM Trudeau

    Canada's honeymoon with Justin Trudeau will end soon enough, says Rafe Mair, as he will be tested by challenges like how to deliver on climate promises with pressure coming from all sides.

    Rafe- Not all immigrants created equal in Canada...and that needs to change

    Rafe: Not all immigrants created equal in Canada…and that needs to change

    Rafe Mair reexamines Canada's history of immigration and asks why not all immigrants are created equal.

    Rafe Mair on Bill C-24 finding out you're a second-class citizen

    Rafe Mair: A senior citizen’s perspective on the federal election and where we go from here

    With the benefit of age and perhaps a bit of wisdom, Rafe Mair reflects on our recent federal election and where we go from here as a country.

    Rafe Mair- Can the Conservative Party come back

    Rafe Mair: Can the Conservative Party come back?

    Can the Conservative Party recover? Rafe Mair offers some examples for the post-Harper Conservatives to follow, if they have any hope of rebuilding their party.

    Canada Election 2015: Where do the parties stand on climate change?

    Where do the 2015 Canadian election contenders stand on climate change? Kevin Grandia breaks down their positions.

    Anti-Harper vote settling on Trudeau? Polls show seismic shift

    A seismic shift in recent polls suggests the anti-Harper vote may be settling on Justin Trudeau - which spells big trouble for the Conservative campaign.