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    David Suzuki-Remembering Pete Seeger

    David Suzuki: Remembering Pete Seeger

    A man with a banjo can be a powerful force for good. Pete Seeger, who died January 27 at the age of 94, inspired generations of political and environmental activists with his music.

    Why Rafe Mair gave Sun and Province a stay of execution

    Why Rafe Mair gave Sun and Province a stay of execution

    Rafe Mair recently vowed to cancel his Postmedia subscriptions - here's why he couldn't pull the trigger.

    Al Jazeera comes to America

    Al Jazeera comes to America

    Al Jazeera is the first new, non-American-owned TV network in that country in two decades. How will it change the face of American mainstream media?

    How Alberta oil companies bought the BC election - and the media missed it

    Media asleep as Alberta oil companies bought BC election

    Both the BC Liberals and BC NDP took large campaign donations from the energy industry.

    Why Rafe Mair is cancelling his Sun, Province subscriptions

    On Thursday, July 4, Mr. Gordon Fisher, publisher of the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province, printed a full page letter to subscribers, telling us that the cost of the papers will increase on August 1, then gave us the e...

    Rafe Mair on Mainstream Media a Decade after Leaving CKNW

    Rafe Mair on mainstream media a decade after leaving CKNW

    It was ten years ago that I was unceremoniously dumped by CKNW, where I had been for 19 years – nearly 16 as the morning host. What does that have to do with an environmental web page? Modesty is not my long suit and I be...

    The Importance of Forgetting in the Digital Age

    We live in an Information Age so we should be able to adequately inform ourselves, make thoughtful decisions and act on matters of importance. We certainly have enough environmental problems to solve these days. Yet we have bee...

    Mainstream media ignoring real story on BC Hydro debt, skyrocketing power bills

    I find myself in complete empathy with H.L. Mencken, when he said “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” I read Vaughn Palmer in Friday’s Su...

    Vaughn Palmer’s wrongheaded defense of private power projects

    Wow! The Vancouver Sun has been a-burst with environmental issues, two on the front page February 6. Let’s first back up to Vaughn Palmer’s ill thought out column of February 4. It’s nice to see Palmer has finally sac...

    Environment Still an Afterthought to BC Media in Election Run-up

    Environment still an afterthought to BC media in election run-up

    Mike Smyth gave us a full page story of his interview with Adrian Dix in the Sunday Province without a word on the environment! What’s with these guys at Postmedia? Are the thousands upon thousands of hits that organizatio...