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    Farmland and Food Security

    Cross-Border Deal’s Grave Threats to Canadian Food Security

    The following is the third installment of a three part investigation by Nelle Maxey into the wide-ranging environmental and socio-political implications for Canada of the recently signed US-Canada cross border security deal and...

    A representation of Port Metro's Planned second terminal at Deltaport

    Prominent Fish Biologist Questions Port Metro’s Expansion Plans

    The following is a letter from retired senior Department of Fisheries and Oceans biologist and manager Otto Langer to Port Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Director: Dear Mr. Desjardin – Sustainability Director R...

    Whose economy? Choosing port expansion over food security

    At a recent Nature Vancouver event, Damien Gillis discussed the proposed doubling of Deltaport and conversion of prime farmland, fish and wildlife habitat into an industrialized Foreign Trade Zone – disputing the myth adv...

    Delta Independent MLA Vicki Huntington

    Port, Province Set to Steamroll Over Delta’s “Meaningless” Farmland

    We’ve known it all along, but at last we hear it out loud. Robin Silvester, the President and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver, has stated that: “Agriculture is emotionally important, but economically [of] relatively low importa...

    Dana Maslovat of Southlands the Facts, in front of a barley field on the Southlands property

    Delta Council Paves Way for Massive Housing Development on Farmland, Over Public Opposition

    On the eve of municipal elections, Delta Council has unanimously voted to begin amending its Official Community Plan, paving the way for a highly controversial housing development by Century Group atop the Southlands (aka Speti...

    Peterson Farm wheat harvest - 1990s (courtesy of Lynda & Larry Peterson)

    Site C Dam: The Folly of Choosing Energy Over Food Security

    I recently returned from a trip up to Peace River Country in Northeast BC, filming for a forthcoming short documentary on the Campbell/Clark Government’s proposed Site C Dam. While I wasn’t raised in the region, I h...

    Vancouver Sun Op-ed: Prosperity Possible Without Growth

    Read this op-ed in the Vancouver Sun by Profs. Tim Jackson and Peter Victor on the need to rethink our dogmatic pursuit of growth at all costs. “Fixing the economy is only part of the battle. We also have to confront the ...

    Save Compassion Farm

    Grounded TV presents a short video on the battle to save an organic farm on Vancouver Island from municipal zoning issues.

    National Parks near urban centres to add food production

    Read this story from the Globe and Mail about a new plan for national parks to allow farming within their bounds to boost food security in neighbouring urban centres. (July 15, 2011)

    Deltaport - yellow indicates third birth (completed 2010), red indicates area of proposed second terminal expansion

    Simply No Need for Deltaport Terminal #2

    Oh No!  The port propaganda machine is back and here we go again with a barrage of falsehoods.  Consultants are being paid megabucks to convince us that another expansion is needed at Deltaport, Roberts Bank, involving a new ...