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    Delta's Southlands: Canada's longest, least democratic farmland battle

    Southlands: Canada’s longest, least democratic farmland battle

    Canada's most contentious piece of farmland is back on the chopping block as the Corporation of Delta held another in a long line of public hearings into the Southlands property in recent weeks.

    BC's Agricultural Land Commission to be plowed under for gas industry

    BC’s Agricultural Land Commission to be plowed under for gas industry

    Documents obtained by The Globe and Mail suggest the BC Liberal Government is planning to dismantle the regulator in charge of protecting farmland in the province.

    Slocan Valley resident recounts disaster in paradise

    Slocan Valley resident recounts disaster in paradise

    by Nelle Maxey It was a beautiful day. The day was Friday July 26. It was just like any other sunny summer day in the Slocan Valley, located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia 650 kilometres east of Vancouver. It w...

    War on Wheat

    The War on Wheat

    Read this story from on the new diet and movement building around the bestselling book Wheat Belly and growing concerns about the health impacts of wheat. (Oct. 8, 2012) An increasing number of books, blogs and celebriti...

    Rick Mercer

    XL Too Big for Food Safety – Rick Mercer Rant Nails It

    The tainted meat scandal that continues to dominate Canadian news headlines has provoked harsh criticism of XL Foods – the company at the centre of the nation’s largest ever meat recall – regulator the Canadia...

    American robins killed by DDT as shown in Michigan State University research in 1961.From Introduction to Ornithology, 3rd Edition, 1975

    Sick, Stupid and Sterile: The 50th Anniversary of ‘Silent Spring’

    In September 1962 – 50 years ago this month – a book was published which changed the way we looked at the post-World War Two chemical revolution. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring – a clarion call about the perils of pestic...

    In-Depth CBC Report: Food Lobbies Have Been Controling Canada’s Food Guide, Nutritional Info for Years

    Check out this in-depth report from CBC on the history of manipulation of Canada’s Food Guide and nutritional recommendations for the public by power food lobbies. (July 30 ,2012) The 1992 food guide marked “a new e...

    Salmon biologist Alexandra Morton

    Alexandra Morton: Farm Disease Secrecy Act Quietly Withdrawn by Minister

    The following is a press release from Alexandra Morton Victoria (May 31, 2012) For Immediate Release. In the face of enormous public outcry, agriculture Minister Don McRae quietly withdrew his Bill 37 that would have made disea...

    New BC Liberal Law Would Make Discussing Farm-related Diseases Illegal

    Read this story from The Province on the new “Animal Health Act”, which would make it illegal for anyone to discuss publicly farm-related diseases, overriding the Privacy Commissioner’s powers in the process. ...

    Metro Vancouver Pushes Back on Secret Land Deal in Delta Which Would See 600 Acres of Farmland Converted to Port Use

    Read this story from the Vancouver Sun on Metro Vancouver’s reaction to news of a secretive deal orchestrated by the Emerson Real Estate Group to buy 600 acress of prime farmland in South Delta and convert it to rail yard...