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    Micro Grids - Another alternative to investment in old energy

    Microgrids: Sustainable alternative to investment in “old energy”

    Canada needs to show political leadership and entrepreneurial vision to plug into a growing global market in microgrids - the localized energy systems that will increasingly power the developing world.

    Solar power almost as affordable as fossil fuels, but still held back by red tape

    Read this Aug. 19 story from The Atlantic on the staggering rise is affordability and availability of solar power – and how regulatory regulatory hurdles remain one of the final barriers holding it back from competing wit...

    Canada’s Green Economy needs public investment

    While public banks in countries like China, the US, the UK, Germany, Denmark and Brazil are investing billions in renewable energy development, Canada is falling behind on innovation.

    The Economist: China's going green...but is it fast enough?

    The Economist: China’s going green…but is it fast enough?

    Read this Aug. 10th story from The Economist on China’s green revolution and whether the world’s largest polluter can clean up its act fast enough to avert catastrophic global climate change. “HELL is a city much ...

    With Justin Trudeau, Canada now has two Conservative parties

    With Justin Trudeau, Canada now has two Conservative parties

    Canadian Idol Trudeau, though he hasn't said that much so far, has already shown that he shares many of the policy positions of Harper. This is where things get scary.

    Canada's embarassing green jobs record

    Canada’s embarrassing green jobs record

    The US reduced its carbon emissions by 13% over the last 5 years, while creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs? Canada, unfortunately is a very different story.

    EcoEnergy money went to Carbon Capture, Tar Sands – No Clean Tech funding for this year

    Last month’s announcement by Stephen Harper of EcoEnergy Innovation Initiative recipients and other Government of Canada investments in clean tech provided an excellent example of false and misleading information coming s...

    Clean Tech Trade Wars: US, European Union vs. China and how FIPPA Hamstrings Canada

    The following is an excerpt from Will Dubitsky’s 3-part blog on FIPPA. Canada is shooting itself in the foot with the China-Canada trade agreement – the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA). Sp...

    Damien Gillis’ TEDx talk: “Beyond the Techno-Fix”

    Damien Gillis recently spoke at TEDx Georgia Strait – part of TED Talks’ local speaker series, TEDx. The event, held at UBC, was themed “The New Energy.” Damien’s talk, “Beyond the Techno-fix...