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    BC sitting on enough geothermal to power whole province, say new maps

    BC sitting on enough geothermal to power whole province: New maps

    BC is ignoring a clean, renewable, firm power source beneath its feet. New maps suggest there is enough accessible geothermal energy to power the whole province.

    China war on coal means more renewable energy...and shale gas

    China’s war on coal means lots more renewable energy…and fracking

    In its war on coal, China is embracing two very different energy alternatives: clean tech and fracking.

    Nearly 100% of US car sales could be electric in 15 yrs – the challenge is powering them with clean electricity

    Through a combination of renewable energy, micro-grids, charging stations and working with public utilities, we could power a growing electric and hybrid vehicle fleet with clean energy.

    Canada's cities take lead on climate change

    Canada’s green cities take lead on climate change

    Cities like Vancouver, Guelph - even oil and gas capital Calgary - are leading the way with innovative solutions to climate change, says David Suzuki.

    Over half Germany's energy now comes from solar power

    Germany can now produce half its electricity from solar power

    Continuing its unrelenting march toward a renewable-powered future, Germany now can produce more than half of its energy from solar.

    Elon Musk buys solar company to build large-scale panel factories

    Elon Musk buys solar company to build large-scale panel factories

    The energy world is not keeping up with Elon Musk, so he's taking matters into his own hands. The SolarCity chairman will be building large-scale panel factories.


    Obama gets tough on coal plant emissions with 30% reduction goal

    The Obama EPA on Monday rolled out a plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 30 per cent by 2030 - the first national limit on greenhouse gases.

    6 reasons why renewable energy is no joke

    Wind and solar now rival coal in terms of cost, while renewable energy is among the world's biggest growth sectors, with over 6 million jobs. It's time to put to rest the tired argument for clinging to fossil fuels.

    Phoenix rising: World's largest solar power array to energize 230,000 homes

    Phoenix rising: Largest solar power array set to energize 230,000 homes

    The world's largest solar power array - Agua Caliente, near Phoenix, Arizona - is set to power 230,000 homes after its completion last week.

    Green jobs see huge growth globally - Why is Canada missing out

    Green jobs see huge growth globally: Why is Canada missing out?

    Sustainability and economic development are no longer opposing forces. Renewable energy and green jobs are among the hottest growth sectors today - opportunities Canada should be taking advantage of.