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    Pipelines and Supertankers

    Rafe to Justin: Kinder Morgan approval makes mockery of democracy

    Rafe Mair calls out Justin Trudeau on Kinder Morgan and the mockery its approval makes of our democracy. "What right does parliament have to expose our lands, parks and waters to the certain destruction that will come from toxi...

    90% of world’s new electricity coming from renewables: Welcome to the end of the fossil fuel era

    90% the world's new electricity now comes from renewables. China is shuttering 1,000 coal plants and global emissions are on the decline. The end is nigh for the fossil fuel era…so why hasn’t Canada gotten the memo?

    Pipelines to Nowhere- Energy East, Kinder Morgan make no sense amid global green energy boom, tanking oil market

    Pipelines to Nowhere: Energy East, Kinder Morgan make no sense amid global green energy boom, tanking oil market

    With the longterm decline of fossil fuel markets, Canada should abandon old-economy pipeline projects like Energy East and Kinder Morgan and focus on the booming green economy, argues Will Dubitsky.

    Reductio ad absurdum: Why we environmentalists are missing the boat with sham hearings, technical arguments

    Technical arguments and sham hearings on the merits and risks of pipelines and tankers miss the point, argues Rafe Mair.

    Trudeau 'disappointed' at Obama's killing of Keystone XL...Get over it

    Trudeau ‘disappointed’ at Obama’s killing of Keystone XL…Get over it

    If Justin Trudeau is serious about a "fresh start" with Obama and the US, then he better not shed too many tears over their killing of the Keystone XL pipeline.

    Another 35 intervenors abandon ship on NEB’s Kinder Morgan review

    Another 35 intervenors have abandoned ship on the NEB's highly-criticized review of Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline expansion.

    British Columbians reject premiers’ “Canadian Energy Strategy” – designed to push pipelines

    Prominent British Columbians slam the premiers' "Canadian Energy Strategy" - designed to push through controversial pipelines.

    Enbridge let off the hook in paltry Kalamazoo oil spill settlement

    Despite a lingering mess on the Kalamazoo River long after Enbridge's 2010 oil spill, the company got off easy in its settlement with the State of Michigan.

    Canadian oil industry slashes production forecast by 1.1 million barrels/day due to price slump

    With $50 oil, the Canadian industry is slashing its production forecast by 1.1 million barrels/day.

    BC not ready for major oil spill, minister admits after Vancouver diesel spill

    On the heels of 1,000-litre diesel spill in Vancouver, BC Environment Minister Mary Polak admitted BC is not ready for a major oil spill.