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    Logging and Forests
    Historic Haida Gwaii totem raising celebrates protection from logging

    Historic Haida Gwaii totem raising celebrates protection from logging

    A new video follows the carving and raising of a 42-foot totem pole on Haida Gwaii - the first of its kind in 130 years - to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the creation of Gwaii Haanas National Park.

    Logging BC's coastal treasures

    Logging BC’s coastal treasures

    Exasperation is the tone of the full page ad placed in a March edition of Victoria’s Times-Colonist newspaper by the Discovery Islands Marine Tourism Group, a coalition of businesses associated with an ecotourism indust...

    Wild Forests

    Real forests are wild. The forests of human contrivance are tree farms, plantations, monocultures, timber supply areas. Such clusters of trees may superficially appear to be real forests, but they are less complex, less organic...

    The Business of a Cortes Forest

    The business of a Cortes forest

    In a world of global business connections, faraway is as close as next door. In this case, next door is Cortes Island, a remnant of rural paradise...

    Trees slashed and burned for Northwest Transmission Line

    Trees Slashed and Burned for Northwest Transmission Line

    Read this story from CBC on the slashing and burning of thousands of trees by BC Hydro for the construction of its Northwest Transmission Line north of Terrace. (Nov. 7, 2012) BC Hydro is warning people living northwestern B.C....

    BC Liberal Govt. Mulls Logging Old Growth Forests

    BC Liberal Govt. mulls logging old growth forests

    Read this story from the Canadian Press on new plans by the BC Liberal Government to open up old growth forests to logging as conventional forests decline in the wake of the pine beetle epidemic and over-harvesting that has eat...

    Blogger Laila Yuile on Auditor General John Doyle's forest mismanagement report

    Blogger Laila Yuile on Auditor General John Doyle’s forest mismanagement report

    Read this editorial from blogger Laila Yuile on BC Auditor General John Doyle’s new scathing report on the mismagement of BC’s forestry resource by the BC Liberal Government. (Feb. 16, 2012) John Doyle never fails t...

    Early work on logging DL33 before it was halted by protestors several weeks ago

    Ancient Douglas Fir grove on the chopping block today

    One of the last remaining intact old-growth Douglas Fir groves on Vancouver Island is slated to be logged today, following an injunction last week against protestors who halted an earlier attempt to commence work. The forest, n...

    Ancient Douglas Fir grove on the chopping block today

    Logging of old growth Douglas Fir surprises conservationists today

    The following is a press release from the Wilderness Committee: Wilderness Committee, Mid-Island Media Advisory Wednesday, November 9,  2011 – for immediate release – Nanoose Bay, BC — Residents of Mid Island...

    Avatar Grove - Image: Ancient Forest Alliance

    Avatar Grove: the extraordinary and the ordinary

    A scant 10 minute walk off a logging road near the BC’s West Coast town of Port Renfrew is Avatar Grove, a stand of old cedars so majestic, powerful and gnarled that T. J. Watt said he and his colleagues from the Ancient ...