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    BCIT demands LNG lobby drop falsely used name from “partner” list

    Rafe catches LNG lobby Resource Works at it again - this time falsely claiming BCIT as a partner. The respected educational institute has since demanded its name and logo removed from RW's website.

    LNG lobby fakes partnerships with prominent organizations

    Rafe Mair catches pro-LNG lobby Resource Works fibbing again - this time faking partnerships with several prominent Canadian organizations - the Jack Webster Foundation and Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

    BC LNG Bill locks in public rip-off for a generation

    A new BC Liberal bill would lock in rock-bottom tax rates for multinationals like Petronas for 25 years, ensuring British Columbians see very little benefit from the LNG industry - including far fewer jobs than promised.

    New Clothes- The generational rip-off of LNG

    New Clothes: The generational rip-off of BC LNG

    A searing, poetic essay on the real costs and taxpayer rip-off of BC LNG - from someone living along the proposed northern pipeline routes.

    To the Ends of the Earth: Filmmaker One-on-One

    Filmmakers David Lavallee and Damien Gillis discuss everything from fracking and arctic drilling to dealing with CSIS and running a crowdfunder, which Lavallee is doing to finish his latest project, "To the Ends of the Earth".

    BC govt hires accounting firm to give fracking a green stamp

    The BC government hired Ernst & Young to produce what it calls an "independent" report vindicating its fracking regulations. But it's what's missing from the study that's most telling.

    Has fracking peaked?

    Declines in production, drilling rigs and jobs at the major US shale oil plays suggest the fracking boom may be drawing to a close.


    Fracking industry stonewalled EPA on data for safety assessment

    The fracking industry stonewalled the EPA on a highly-anticipated study of shale gas safety, say critics like retired Dept. of Energy senior analyst Dr. Allan Hoffman.

    Geologist: Minister inflating shale gas, LNG potential by 6 fold – threatening Canada’s energy security

    BC Natural Gas Minister Rich Coleman is vastly overstating the province's shale gas reserves and LNG potential, charges geologist and shale gas expert David Hughes - and he's got the numbers to prove it.

    Joe Oliver says fracking is safe, so it must be

    Joe Oliver says fracking is safe, so it must be

    From Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper to LNG industry reps and conservative think tanks, the message is clear: fracking is safe, so don't worry about it.