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    The Harper Conservative economic disaster

    From gross fiscal mismanagement to betting everything on the Alberta tar sands, Doug Carrick digs into the Harper Conservatives' economic disaster.

    Canadian oil industry slashes production forecast by 1.1 million barrels/day due to price slump

    With $50 oil, the Canadian industry is slashing its production forecast by 1.1 million barrels/day.

    Has fracking peaked?

    Declines in production, drilling rigs and jobs at the major US shale oil plays suggest the fracking boom may be drawing to a close.

    IMF study: Fossil fuel industry gets $5.3 TRILLION in public subsidies a year

    The fossil fuel sector gets a whopping $5.3 TRILLION a year in public subsidies, says a new report from the IMF.

    Fossil fuel era drawing to a close…except in Canada

    Europe, the US and China are all jumping on the green economy bandwagon. Yet Canada's leaders remain committed to fossil fuels, as innovation expert Will Dubitsky explains.

    Christy Clark's LNG-fueled Fudge-it Budget

    Christy Clark’s LNG-fueled Fudge-it Budget…and the enabling NDP

    Rafe Mair on Christy Clark's surreal Throne Speech and "Fudge-it Budget", promising big dollars from LNG even as the industry vanishes...and the NDP Opposition that refuses to oppose.

    Canada sued the most over trade agreements, environmental protections

    Canada sued the most over trade deals, environmental protections

    Canada faces more lawsuits from corporations over environmental protections than any other country, says David Suzuki, as trade deals put profits ahead of people.

    Canada, Quebec's political leaders blind to clean tech revolution

    Canada, Quebec’s political leaders blind to green jobs revolution

    While China, the US and EU are reaping huge job benefits from the green economy, Canada and provinces like Quebec are stuck in pipe dreams of the past, argues innovation expert Will Dubitsky.

    BC income growth declines to last place in country

    BC income growth declines to last place in country

    The Liberal economic legacy takes a hit in a new report suggesting that BC is last place in Canada for income growth from 2006-2012.

    Oil prices drop as global warming rises- Suzuki

    Oil prices drop as global warming rises: Suzuki

    Plunging oil prices bring both benefits and challenges to our economy and environment, says David Suzuki. Which is why we must seize this moment to make important changes for our future.