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    Rafe: Christy Clark’s LNG promises are nothing but hot air

    Leading experts debunk Christy Clark and the hot air she's been spewing about LNG.

    Rafe: With LNG approval, Trudeau govt shows true colours…but we shouldn’t be suprised

    British Columbians have every reason to be mad at the Trudeau government's approval of PNWLNG - but no reason to be surprised, says Rafe Mair. It's been all downhill since those bold promises on the campaign trail and in Paris.

    Longtime Lions Bay Mayor: LNG is plain dirty, violates Canada’s climate commitments

    LNG is dirty, plain and simple, charges former Lions Bay Mayor Brenda Broughton. She slams both the Trudeau and Clark governments for jeopardizing Canada's climate commitments by ignoring or cherry-picking the science, and main...

    Large hydro dams aren't green - they actually drive climate change

    Let’s quit pretending dams like Site C are good for the climate

    Hydro dams like Site C actually emit enormous greenhouse gases, according to the latest research, so labelling them "clean" is a lot of hot air.

    Burning: A summer of fire, smoke, ash and change

    Burning: A summer of fire, smoke, ash and change

    Ray Grigg reflects on a historically hot summer that saw wildfires rip through BC, Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska - a sign of our changing climate.

    New book asks: Can civilization survive unprecedented climate crisis?

    Author David Ray Griffin's new book explains how climate change related water and food shortages pose an unprecedented challenge to humanity, requiring a radical response.

    The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas

    The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas

    Ray Grigg on why Stephen Harper is the Grinch who stole Climate Christmas.

    Carbon numbers keep rising, despite UN climate deals

    Carbon numbers keep rising, despite UN climate deals

    Despite years of climate deals, the world's carbon numbers keep rising - but there are hopeful signs that things are beginning to change, say Ray Grigg.

    Justin Trudeau continues Liberal greenwash legacy- Former govt insider

    Justin Trudeau continues Liberal greenwash legacy: Ex-govt insider

    Justin Trudeau is following the Liberal Party's long pattern of doing nothing to combat climate change, says a former federal government insider.

    Bank of England's Carney- Most fossil fuel reserves shouldn't be burned

    Bank of England’s Mark Carney: Most fossil fuel reserves shouldn’t be burned

    Even Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is now saying most of the world's fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground to mitigate the effects of climate change.