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    Carbon Tax – Cap and Trade
    Coal faces tough new rules from Obama climate policy

    Coal faces tough new rules from Obama climate policy

    Read this Sept. 19 story from the Washington Times on new, tougher rules from the United States Environmental Protection Agency which will make this difficult for the coal industry. The Common Sense Canadian has been documen...

    Harper Govt spent $120 million helping Enbridge: Elizabeth May

    Harper caught helping Enbridge while wooing Obama on climate

    New allegations that Stephen Harper gave a $120 million handout to Enbridge complicate efforts to green his image with Obama and advance the Keystone XL pipeline.

    New sudy-BC carbon tax effectively tackling emissions

    New sudy: BC carbon tax effectively tackling emissions

    Read this July 24 Vancouver Sun story by reporters Jonathan Fowlie and Tiffany Crawford about a new study suggesting the B.C. Carbon Tax is helping to reduce emissions. Not long after B.C.’s carbon tax was introduced back in ...

    Vancouver's Stanley Park was severely damaged by a wind storm in 2006 (flickr photo)

    Carbon Costs

    During nearly three decades of fruitless negotiating, the political leaders of the international community have failed to find an effective way to price carbon dioxide emissions and thereby ameliorate global warming and climate...


    Carbon’s Terrifying Mathematics

    Exasperation about the world’s ineffective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was registered clearly on August 2, 2012, when Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature and a principle founder of the environmental...

    Wind farms like this one aren't the only secret to Denmark's carbon-cutting success

    Carbon 400 and How Denmark Became an Emissions Cutting Success

    The level of atmospheric carbon dioxide hit a record 400 parts per million in May, 2012, a milestone that should send a chill of concern through anyone who is remotely concerned about the disturbing ramifications of global warm...


    Review of B.C.’s Dysfunctional Carbon Tax Aims for Repairs in 2013 Pre-election Budget

    British Columbia’s controversial and widely misunderstood carbon tax will soon be subjected to a comprehensive review with the results likely to be revealed in next year’s budget, just in time for the tax to become ...

    BC Liberal contender calls for review of carbon tax

    Globe & Mail – Dec. 16, 2010 by Ian Bailey Kevin Falcon fears the carbon tax may be hurting B.C.’s competitive position so is calling for a review of the tax in 2012. The former transportation and health minister , ...