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Canadian Food Inspection Agency Denies ISAv Infection in BC

Posted November 9, 2011 by Common Sense Canadian in Oceans

Read this report from the Victoria Times-Colonist on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s decision to downplay recent positive test results from the world’s top Infectious Salmon Anemia experts in Canada and Europe.The Agency defended its position in a conference call earlier today that so far they can confirm none of the positive tests that have been registered but the World Animal Health Organization-endorsed lab at the University of PEI.

“Fears that a deadly virus is infecting B.C. salmon appear to be unfounded, federal officials said Tuesday. Tests
at a specialized Moncton laboratory by the Canadian Food Inspection
Agency and Fisheries and Oceans on 48 samples of sockeye smolts found no
sign of infectious salmon anemia (ISA), said Con Kiley, CFIA national
aquatic animal health program director.

‘There are no confirmed cases of ISA in wild or farm salmon in B.C,’ he said. ‘There’s no evidence that it occurs in fish off the waters of B.C.’ The
results run contrary to tests on the same samples carried out at the
World Animal Health ISA reference laboratory at the University of Prince
Edward Island, which found two of 48 sockeye smolts tested positive for
the deadly European strain of the virus. A coho, chum and chinook also
tested positive.” (Nov. 8, 2011)

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