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The Truth About Christy Clark’s Position on Pipelines, Tankers

PostedMay 10, 2013 by in BC

From Common Sense Canadian contributor Kevin Logan comes this multimedia examination of where Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party really stand on proposed oil pipelines and tankers in BC.

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have made a lot of bold claims about their position on pipelines proposed for British Columbia.

However, what they have neglected to tell British Columbians is that their government has entered into binding agreements that ensure the success of pipelines from Alberta to the BC Coast.

Everyone knows there has been a lot of politics surrounding pipeline developments in British Columbia, but very few are aware of the longstanding agreements, established by the BC Liberals, that ensure the success of the proposed pipelines and have thoroughly tied the hands of all BC Stakeholders leaving them with no capacity to actually impact the processes that will ensure the success of these developments.

The Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) and New West Partnership Agreement (NWPA) which it developed into absolutely confirm that no level of government in British Columbia can block pipeline development. Nor can they impede trade through the province or create any obstacle, whatsoever, that prevents pipelines from Alberta from reaching BC’s tidal waters. Doing so would result in fines of up to 5 million dollars per infraction.

The June 2010 “Equivalency Agreement”, done in secret by the BC Liberals with the Harper Conservative Government – and against the letter of the law – forfeits BC’s ability to review, assess and decide on these pipeline proposals which threaten to transform the province as we know it.

The video presents these documents, and exposes the BC Liberal election posturing on pipelines as hollow and meaningless. These concepts, backed by government documentation, have been published online and are readily available for anyone interested.

Yet Christy Clark has never publicly acknowledged their existence. More importantly, she has also positioned her party for re-election on claims that run counter to these indisputable facts.

In fact, the material contained in the above video proves that Christy Clark’s claims that she can block or prevent these pipeline proposals, based on her “tough NEW stance” and “5 conditions” is without merit, not based in reality and ignores the existence of these agreements of her government’s own making.

The video closes with live footage from the most recent Estimates debate for the Ministry of Energy, where the Minister of Everything, Rich Coleman, is on tape discussing his government’s “non-disclosure agreements” with the world’s largest oil companies.

This fact has gone unreported and exposes the bold hypocrisy of the BC Liberal campaign, which has had the audacity to broadly claim the BC NDP is “concealing” their position on these pipeline developments.

There is not one mainstream media report that covers the “non-disclosure agreements” the world’s largest oil and gas companies have with the BC Liberals, even though the minister responsible has made their existence known in the public debate contained in this video.

Stories on these topics (see below) have been published on the internet for over a year, yet no one has refuted them, and Christy Clark has never publicly acknowledged their existence.

They impact all British Columbians and are crucial to our future.


Source Material

BC EAO/NEB Equivalency Agreement:


Question Period clips with Christy Clark supporting pipelines:

“Non-disclosure” Clip with Rich Coleman and John Horgan:

CKNW Leaders Debate Clip:

Published Stories

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Who exactly is misleading voters and withholding information on pipelines in BC?

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About the Author

Kevin Logan

Kevin Logan's career has been diverse, ranging from small business to NGOs through finance and government. Early on, he operated the research department for the Vancouver branch of international brokerage Richardson Greenshields. After leaving the finance industry he owned operated small businesses and eventually established a consulting company which contracts with both the private and public sectors. He served as a ministerial assistant to numerous ministers and a premier in the former BC NDP Administration. Kevin is also an independent researcher and writer who has administered many diverse and successful campaigns.



    Well if the provincial and federal govs can go for 148 years without abiding treaties and agreements Im sure a few penalties off the backs of british columbians is nothing to sweat about.
    OR This is the stance that has led the govs to willfully carry on despite the resistance.
    This is the stance that had the further actions of the RCMP acting in a very aggressive manner toward the resistance camp Unis’ot’en with a swarming of 200 members in the summer of 2014.
    This is another reason the RCMP and industry record every move made by the Lelu camp.
    Well Christy, unless you are willing to further the genocide of the native population, you better start making some payments to alberta for the stupidity of thinking you could do as you please.
    Kevin Logan, I have a bit of information I want to pass on to see if you can find any record of the events.
    A delegation of Tsimshian went to England , parliament in Ottawa and the legislature in BC in the late 1800s or early 1900s. This delegation went to these places and laid claim to British Columbia. Is this the real reason why BC remained unceded?
    It would be great to find out information about this, I am asking for your help or anyone else that would know how to get to this information.
    The whole corridor is closed in the northwest to any pipeline for oil or gas.
    Throw around an obligation of an agreement onto the people you oppress is the biggest mistake you have or will ever make.
    We will stall all development until these criminals are no longer in power.
    Or we will be imprisoned maybe even dead.

    You want to pretend Christy Clark?
    Well your fantasy world of corrupt power over ruling the people has met people that dont care about money as much as they do about their way of life, their food supply, their air quality, their water quality, their relationships with their fellow nations.

    I am not here to supply the world with dirty tar sands for plastics to be bought at walmart.

    I am not here to help you or any industry to speed up my demise or that of the planet we live on.


    cristy is a lier. she claimed she was agienst the pipeline then she said it would be natral gas and now after the deal whent through its now crude and bichaman. she cant be trusted and should be shot for treason.


    Wednesday, 19 June 2013 08:09 posted by Mitch

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    site is truly wonderful.

    Thursday, 23 May 2013 02:53 posted by Kevin Logan

    Yes Rod, or RS

    and Dix for almost a year promised he would revoke the equivalency agreement but, as evidenced in your raising it, no one knew about it because the media would not write the story.

    The links are provided in the story above (below the video that talk about this in great detail) including the headline “Dix to revoke Equivalency Agreement” and “The work or Robyn Allan” amongst other pieces.

    Allan Robyn, former CEO of ICBC and economist approached Premier Clark about doing exactly this, and she was ignored, as I have wrote about in detail at the links provided.

    Wednesday, 22 May 2013 06:42 posted by RS

    Do 5 and 6 of the EAEA not provide an out for BC?

    5. This Agreement is not to be interpreted in a manner that would fetter the discretion of statutory decision-makers. Projects covered by this Agreement must still obtain all applicable British Columbia provincial permits or authorizations.

    6. Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon giving 30 days written notice to terminate to the other Party. The termination of this Agreement will not affect the acceptance of equivalency for any Project that has received a decision on whether or not to approve the Project pursuant to the National Energy Board Act prior to the date of termination.

    Monday, 13 May 2013 23:42 posted by Judy Gilliam

    Christy Clark you should be ashamed of yourself first as a women and a Mother for the drive through a red light with your son .Are you not aware of the number of people in BC who no longer feel they need to follow the laws of the road anymore . As a driver I have sat at red lights in my van at all times of the day as bike riders calmly ride right through the red lights” AS NO CARS ARE COMING” and they have done so and gotten away with this for so long. Now more and more cars and trucks are now slowing down and if no cars coming they glide through the RED light . I am not saying the bike riders started disregarding the rules first but not one day on the road in Victoria goes by without seeing a bike go through a red light .
    I am also totally disgusted with you Liberals going behind all our backs and making decisions about the pipelines which effects a huge part of our province and our waterways.
    You really don’t need anyone to tell you what you all have done wrong so I don’t have to make a list . You know if someone in another party made the same deals with the big money makers as you have you would be up in arms .
    To bad you and your all your backers weren’t thinking of your children and grandchildren
    and the future of our country when you put these plans together, for what you say is for the good of our future . How many top specialists do you people need to tell you it is getting far to close to being to late to stop all the distruction of our eco system . You all should be dammed ashamed of yourself’s I hope this all comes back to bite you all in the ass . Too bad you will be taking a good chunk of our province down with you.

    Video: The Truth About Christy Clark’s Position on Pipelines, Tankers
    From Common Sense Canadian contributor Kevin Logan comes this multimedia examination of where Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party really st…

    Sunday, 12 May 2013 23:38 posted by Kevin Logan

    Good point N sims.

    I spent just a few hours on this with no budget and a volunteer who had some skills in making videos.

    That mix was nasty for details, especially grammar.

    Besides I am notorious for 3 rd grade grammar.

    I will try do my much bestest next time.


    Sunday, 12 May 2013 21:13 posted by N Sims

    This was a very interesting video and definitely raises some questions which should have been addressed by the larger media outlets, but it would appear that they’re already in the pockets of the “Harper Government.” Whatever happened to the government of Canada?

    If I may make one constructive criticism, the grammar and punctuation and spelling in the written portions of the video should have been more thoroughly checked; I found the errors distracting.

    Sunday, 12 May 2013 19:03 posted by Zygnunt Janiewicz

    Read before you vote:

    Sunday, 12 May 2013 13:46 posted by Damien Gillis

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and views on this important subject, Walter.

    Sunday, 12 May 2013 09:48 posted by Walter Fricke

    Damien, you are absolutely correct. My comment was only based on the transport of Dilbit versus Natural Gas. I spent 26 years in Dawson Creek and saw a lot that would make you cringe. The most noticeable aspect was the non-stop purple-grey haze on every horizon. A lot of air pollution in the area. I had a perpetual hack until I moved to the Terrace area. Two weeks and It hasn’t returned. Oil and Gas are very toxic industries.
    p.s. I was also the last person to make an oral presentation to the JRP at Kitsumkalum Hall near Terrace last May.

    Sunday, 12 May 2013 09:35 posted by Damien Gillis

    Walter, I don’t doubt the effects of a dilbit spill are worse than those of a natural gas leak (unless, of course, it’s an LNG tanker explosion – which thankfully don’t happen often, but are cataclysmic when they do). That said, when you look at the overall impacts on water and the climate of fracking, processing, piping, compressing, shipping, decompressing and burning gas, I don’t think you can say unconventional gas is any safer for the environment than bitumen. Worth bearing in mind when we compare the risks of different pipelines and energy sources…

    Sunday, 12 May 2013 08:09 posted by Walter Fricke

    For Tim. Natural Gas is less destructive and shorter lasting in the event of a spill or leak. Diluted bitumen and the necessary condensate are very toxic to all life. The condensate needed to thin the bitumen for pipeline transport, is very carcinogenic. Bitumen will sink once the condensate evaporates into the air we all breathe. Once bitumen sinks, it is virtually impossible to recover. It would devastate the rivers and spawning grounds of a very lucrative resource for BC, Salmon. Anyways, Alberta has resources being shipped across BC to ports for export. Grande Cache coal is going to Prince Rupert. Grain is coming through in extra long trains. We just do not want toxic oil or bitumen coming through. We are being pragmatic in our choice.

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 21:15 posted by Josephine Fletcher

    The Seven Oil pipelines Companies should be held accountable and be fined Billions Of Dollars. British Columbia should pay no heed to strong armed bullying!

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 20:21 posted by Marc

    Tim asked: “Why does BC want to block a necessary outlet for Alberta resources?”

    For Tim’s information, the reasons are because:
    1) BC wants to prevent damage to our environment and coastline due to oil spills. Our economy depends upon marine transport, fishing and tourism. An oil spill would devastate our environment, our economy and impoverish thousands of people.
    2) An explosion or fire involving diluted bitumen would create a toxic cloud that would require the evacuation of a 5 mile radius. This ALREADY happened fairly recently in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
    3) Saying ‘Yes’ to the pipeline is effectively saying ‘Yes’ to increase greenhouse gas production. Should we just spew more CO2 into the global atmosphere because it’s good for Alberta’s economy? We have to stop subsidizing the true costs of oil production by destroying more and more wilderness. Instead, we need to let the price mechanism of free markets dictate a truer price of oil so that people are incented to innovate alternatives.

    It may be good for Alberta to sell its oil through BC, but BC has moral, environmental and economic duties to object.

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 19:27 posted by Denis

    Clark just keeps on lying

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 18:51 posted by Tim

    Alberta doesn’t block BC natural gas pipelines that export BC gas to the United States; why does BC want to block a necessary outlet for Alberta resources? The fact is, it’s not a pipeline from Alberta to BC, it’s a pipeline from one part of Canada to another part of Canada, and hence falls under Federal jurisdiction rather than Provincial. Ultimately, there’s not a lot BC can do to block it. It’s time that British Columbians realized they are Canadians and should contribute to our common prosperity. Canada’s economy is based on resource development and anything that increases that benefits us all. I see a lot of BC licence plates in the parking lots of the oilsands projects where I’ve worked, so it’s not just Albertans benefiting from the jobs. The big trucks and heavy steel are manufactured in Ontario, not Alberta. There are people from Newfoundland and Cape Breton working in the oilsands. The Federal government gets about 55% of the total government share of revenue and that gets distributed to all Canadians.

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 09:26 posted by loraine st james

    how could it be possible for christy clark to not come clean with the public about the equivalency agreement that was signed with the major energy companies and considered a done deal from 2010…

    This is outrageous and extremely disturbing that there has not been one mention of the done deal… in my opinion the liberal party has excluded the public from all major decisions that effect us directly or indirectly.

    The most important facts “real facts” such as this “non= disclosure equivalency agreement have never been mentioned on mainstream media. Real facts are never brought to light just non-issues that hold no major effects -to the majority of people… Noise and fluff…

    should have covered Cristy in tar and feathers to give some hint of what deals the liberals where cutting with major oil and gas companies behind closed doors…

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 08:32 posted by Ann-Marie Hunter

    This information needs to be publicized widely. I’ll do my part in spreading it, but all British Columbians need to know this before casting their votes! If they are concerned about the damage to our lands and coastal areas that pipelines will create, voting for the Liberals is absolutely signing over all control for any intervention to the Harper government!

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 05:54 posted by workforfun

    The BC Liberal party record gets scarier as each day passes.
    Since 2001 there has been nothing but dishonesty, lies, deception and fraud. I worry what the future will show when the NDP route the BC Liberals and the full extent of the BC Liberals nefarious ways become known to the public.

    I sure hope that laws are passed to make governments accountable for abuse of power and the leaders liable to prosecution when obvious infractions occur. Who knows, just maybe Gordon Campbell and others could spend some “quality time” in jail with other criminals.

    Just my two cents on the disgusting political record of the last decade or so, in British Columbia.


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