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Site C: Damning the Peace…while US decommissions hydro projects

PostedSeptember 3, 2014 by in BC

Damien Gillis and Kootenay Co-op Radio’s Suzy Hamilton discuss Canada’s plan to build a massive new hydroelectric project on the Peace River, while America is busy decommissioning dams.

The Peace is home to some of Canada’s best farmland, 30,000 acres of which would be impacted by the dam – enough to feed a million people. Meanwhile, Site C will likely cost taxpayers well over $10 Billion and continue driving up power bills.

Based on BC’s electrical self-sufficiency and the different stories the public has been told about the need for the project – from powering proposed liquefied natural gas projects and exporting excess energy to California – BC’s environment and citizens would face significant impacts without receiving any real benefit, says Gillis.

What we’re talking about is trading food we do need for energy we don’t.

Sept. 2 – 13 min


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    myna lee johnstone

    How can this be approved?
    How can they just decide to flood agricultural land which is the same as removing a huge chunk from the ALR without approval from the ALC/ALR?
    or did they get approval?

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