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Why Site C Dam isn’t a done deal

PostedJanuary 10, 2015 by in BC

Damien Gillis and Kootenay Co-op Radio’s Keith Wiley discuss the hurdles still facing Site C Dam following the BC Liberal government’s approval of the project before Christmas. From 6 lawsuits to mounting financial challenges, Gillis explains why the $9 Billion-plus project is far from a done deal.

First broadcast on Jan 6 on Kootenay Co-op Radio’s EcoCentric program (25 min).

Click here to contribute to the Peace Valley Landowners’ Association’s legal fund.


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    Good work Damien.

    Here is another reason why Site C is not a done deal.

    The above link is the short version….The below link is the long version…The long version also contains my harsh rebuke towards John Horgan and the present NDP lapdog party.


      Disagree on the characterization ” harsh words”

      There are things that need to be stated, out in the open, not behind some door or in the closet which has become the favorite of all unaccountable politicians.

      Both of you gain a considerable amount of respect for doing so.


    Very well presented Damien.
    Well informed, articulate, and sensibly laid out.
    Now if only the MSM could be bribed to broadcast the message.

    The idea of contacting your MLA about how you will vote in the next election is good but most people barely vote.
    Perhaps a grassroot protest that is easy and everyone can join in without too much effort.
    Provincial election pollsters follow election signs on front lawns to estimate polling numbers before elections.

    Run the BC flag upside down on your flagpole.
    It lets everyone know you’re fed “up’ with the provincial idiots in power and the decisions they make.

    Keep up the good work Damien.

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