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Site C Dam: Fort St. John businessman isn’t buying economic promises

PostedJuly 10, 2014 by in BC

Longtime Fort St. John businessman Bob Fedderly isn’t buying the economic benefits touted for the proposed Site C Dam.

The owner of Fedderly Transportation sat down with The Common Sense Canadian’s Damien Gillis at his office in Fort St. John last month to discuss the project, which would be located near Fort St. John, with an 80km reservoir stretching west to the town of Hudson’s Hope.

Among Fedderly’s biggest concerns are the boom-and-bust effects of project construction on his community, the impact it would have on already skyrocketing power bills for his business, and the waste of tax dollars on the $8 Billion dam. On the latter point, having surveyed the Liberal Government’s record of massive overruns on virtually ever other major capital project it has managed, Fedderly sees the cost of the project escalating dramatically from the figure the public is being told.

The trucking company owner’s comments echo those of Hudson’s Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson, who’s community raised some tough questions about the project this week.

“Before spending $7.9 billion of taxpayers money on the proposed Site C dam and increasing the already enormous $62 billion provincial debt, the provincial government needs to do its homework to see if there are less costly alternatives”, said Johansson.

B.C. Hydro has readily available generation capacity to meet demand until 2028. There is no crisis…Let’s do our homework before we spend $7.9 billion of taxpayer’s money on what could well turn out to be a white elephant.

The Association of Major Power Customers of BC, which represents mills, mines and other large power users, has also been highly critical of the business case for Site C. “All we know is the original load forecasts are going to be wrong,” Executive Director Richard Stout said recently.

It’s not the right project right now.

His members are worried that Site will lead to further power bill increases that could put their mills and mines out of business.




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    For an assessment of the economics of Site C from and independent individual, check out the link below. Dr Harry Swain, economist and retired Deputy Minister at the federal level was appointed by the Harper Conservatives and Clark Liberals to chair the Site C Environmental Assessment Panel. He speaks candidly about the lack of a business case for Site C.

    You have to scroll down to find it – there is an explanation above it that explains why the video was off the internet for awhile.
    The video has over 780,000 views


    The Site C dam is an integral part of the NAWAPA plan to export massive amounts of fresh water to the USA and Mexico.

    The implementation of the NAWAPA is documented on the Water War Crimes pages


    Rick MacLeod

    This project seems to be a done deal in the eyes of the Liberals. What I don’t understand is the absence of this topic in our liberal provincial papers.


    Site C is for things like projected LNG export, which would pay BC royalties of basically zero while capital costs are paid down, which would be a long time, since capital costs for LNG plants are high.

      David McRae

      Site C dam in no way will support anything more than ONE SMALL LNG facility. I truly suspect it will more likely be used in the production of BITUMEN.

    Karla Babe

    isn’t it time we cleaned house and took back our natural resources and sell them for big bucks out of province instead of screwing the folks of BC every month on their Hydro bill?

    Rick MacLeod

    Interesting comment, especially the over runs of anything controlled by government. Fudge factor in the real world is normally 10% not 2, 3, 4 times the original cost. Strange beings, politicians, once elected believe they are experts in anything and everything. However, it is extremely easy to spend money that is not your own, especially when accountability is not a factor.

    George A M Smith

    It is refreshing to see a respected northern businessperson like Bob Fedderly with the wisdom and guts to speak out about the massively expensive and economically unsubstantiated Site C dam proposal that the BC government and Hydro are trying to ram down the throats of BC tax payers and hydro ratepayers.

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