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Site C Dam: Food for thought

PostedSeptember 11, 2014 by in BC

Check out this short video from The Peace Valley Environment association and The Common Sense Canadian’s Damien Gillis on the extraordinary agricultural land that would be flooded by the proposed Site C Dam.

The Peace River Valley, in northeast BC, provides much of the province’s energy needs from two large dams and tens of thousands of gas wells. It is also home to some of the country’s best agricultural land, now it is threatened by the proposed Site C Dam, which would flood or disrupt 30,000 acres of rich farmland – enough, say expert agrologists, to feed a million people.

With BC self-sufficient in electricity, the justifications from the government and BC Hydro for the $8 Billion project are alternately powering the proposed liquefied natural gas industry and exporting electricity to California. Meanwhile, BC grows less than half its own food – which means that Site C represents trading energy that we don’t need for food that we do.

The Harper Cabinet is expected to render its decision on the dam this Fall. Learn how to take action here.



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    Nicole Sims

    Didn’t we just have to pay California a whole whack of money for the privilege of selling them power? And with California experiencing record drought and our food prices set to go through the roof the folly of losing even ONE ACRE MORE of good farmland to development of any kind ought to be apparent to everyone, most especially our fiscal managers in Victoria!

    Christine Hunt

    I also will be there to protest. This threat has been on the table since the NDP were in power and wouldn’t let it happen. As a former commissioner on the ALR, we would never let this happen to agricultural land. Now the Liberals have opened the barn gate we’ll have to get all our produce from California.

    Alana copeland

    I support the dam bc hydro has owned the majority of the land needed to support the dam since the sixties the actual land that they will be using is 5% of what Williston uses in order to make an accurate opinion of the situation people educate yourself go to bc and read up on it

    donald thomas littley

    This makes no sense . Food ,clean air and water are basic needs to be given priority over
    the desire of wealth and power for a few .

    Shayne tibbo

    I will be there to protest

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