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Rapper plants seeds of food security awakening

PostedApril 10, 2014 by in Canada

“If ferries stopped running to Vancouver Island, our grocery shelves would be completely empty after 3 days,” says food security activist-turned-rapper Jeremy Loveday. Watch his 3 min spoken word essay on the shocking state of Canada’s food security.

According to a seminal BC Ministry of Agriculture report in 2007, the province produces just 48% the food it consumes. Per capita vegetable production has fallen to half what it was in 1970.

And yet, the BC Liberal government is intent on flooding and impacting over 30,000 acres of some of the country’s best farmland for Site C Dam in northeast BC’s Peace Valley. This despite the warnings of leading, independent agrologists who told the panel reviewing the project that the region could feed a million people if its agricultural potential was allowed to flourish.

“Our dependency on imports has gotten out of control,” says Loveday.

With our forks and pitchforks, we have an opportunity to rebuild a community that is capable of feeding itself.

The 3 min video, produced by filmmaker and publisher of the Social Coast blog, Lliam Hildebrand, offers some important food for thought on a subject that receives far less attention than it merits.

“We have outgrown this model, so it’s time to overgrow these cities with rooftop gardens,” says Loveday. “Our big box food suffers from nature deficit disorder…Luckily, consciousness is being cultivated in the hearts of our new urban farmers.”


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Damien Gillis

Damien Gillis is a Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker with a focus on environmental and social justice issues - especially relating to water, energy, and saving Canada's wild salmon - working with many environmental organizations in BC and around the world. He is the co-founder, along with Rafe Mair, of The Common Sense Canadian, and a board member of both the BC Environmental Network and the Haig-Brown Institute.

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