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Global Greens React to Ongoing COP 19 Negotiations

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 We are on a collision course to global disaster with a dangerous disconnect between the political timetable and what science is warning us – Elizabeth May

COP 19 – Global Greens Political Perspectives for climate: Warsaw climate conference should produce real action and progress on an ambitious 2015 agreement!

The Global Greens call on governments in Warsaw to meet the challenge of the climate crisis and move swiftly to create climate resilient economies that are fair and socially just, that phase out all fossil fuel use and allow humanity to live within the Earth’s ecological limits.

COP 19 comes at the end of a black year for the world’s climate. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations hit 400 ppm in May and in September the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the leading scientific body on climate change, reported with 95% confidence that human influence is the dominant cause of global warming.

We must design an adequate and equitable post-2020 legally binding climate agreement limiting global warming to below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and with emissions peaking before 2020. To be able to reach such an agreement by December 2015, the Global Greens call for:

  • Governments to table fair and adequate post-2020 targets early 2014 to allow enough time for the review process to take place and to be prepared for the UN ‘Ban-Ki Moon Summit’ in September next year;
  • The EU to raise its 2020 climate target; and
  • The developed countries to scale up climate finance to the $US100 billion annually promised in Copenhagen and to commit to new and additional climate finance for the 2013-2015 period.

Global Greens reaffirm priorities for mitigation and adaptation including promoting renewable energy in all nations (2 billion people need access to modern energy services in order to rise out of poverty), phasing out fossil fuel subsidies; including for nuclear, and banning risky unconventional fossil fuel projects; putting a halt to deforestation and degradation of natural forests by 2020; ensuring that the developed world recognizes its responsibility to support climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in the developing countries.

After Warsaw, the UN Ban-Ki Moon Leaders’ Summit in September 2014 and the G20 Leaders’ meeting in Australia in November 2014 will be key moments to broke a new global agreement, and Global Greens call on Australia, as incoming G20 president in December 2013, to make climate change a priority for its G20 agenda.

The Global Greens stands with all the people who suffer the consequences of climate change and particularly the Philippine islands that were devastated by typhoon Haiyan and give their respect and support to those courageous activists fighting peacefully for climate action, in particular the Arctic 30, who were arrested by the Russian`s authorities while protesting against oil drilling in the Arctic.

From: COP 19 Global Greens


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    Judy Cross

    As long as environmental groups persist on claiming that CO2 can change climate, they have no credibility.
    “Oops. A 2007 study from team at UK Met Office ‘made predictions for the decade 2004-2014′ – ‘These predictions have turned out to be wrong’

    The Smith et al paper made the following specific predictions: ‘There would be 0.3°C warming over the decade 2004-2014 – At least half of the years after 2009 would be warmer than the record year of 1998.’ — ‘The predictions were spread far and wide’

    ‘These predictions have turned out to be wrong. We are almost into 2014 and there has been no warming at all since 2004. Of the years since 2009, none of them have broken the record of 1998 according to HADCRUT3 data'”

    Given reality, I can’t help but think those still on the Global Warming aka Climate Change Bandwagon are there because it pays well.


      Who cares?
      That is beside the point almost, pollution in any form is bad and polluters should pay. Fossil fuels are finite as is our biosphere, it makes no logical sense to continue using up both at a stupendous rate. Instead of niggling about temperature details, why don’t we tackle the inter-generational problem?
      Attacking folks for defending what pays them is used on both sides of the issue. This idea is flawed because it assumes folks who wish to preserve the future are pitted against those who are interested in now.
      While cutting and pasting various arguments for and against climate regulations indicates a certain skill with google. It is essentially pointless footnoting.
      A more useful task would be to ask ourselves, am I looking at this from as many angles as I can? Could it be that I just want to point out someone else is wrong?
      We should put more effort towards having a discussion on how we can improve humanity and how we, as a society can build, not just a sustainable society but one that regenerates human relationships and nature.

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