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Audio: From Site C’s economic folly to update on Mount Polley

PostedSeptember 13, 2014 by in BC

The Common Sense Canadian’s Damien Gillis and CFAX 1070’s Ian Jessop discuss the economic disaster that the proposed Site C Dam represents from British Columbians.

At a projected cost of over $100 per megawatt hour – and likely more than $8 billion for construction – the project stands to lose BC taxpayers and Hydro ratepayers $350 million a year, says industrial energy expert Dan Potts.

All this for power we don’t need for BC’s homes and businesses, which are already self-sufficient in electricity well into the foreseeable future. BC Liberal government’s reasons for building Site C are either power liquefied natural gas projects or exporting excess energy to California, something for which there is no business case.

Meanwhile, Gillis and Jessop discuss the lack of a real clean-up plan for the Mount Polley disaster and the mixed messages residents have been receiving from government about local water quality.

18 min – recorded Sept. 11, 2014


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    tom baker

    They should be pumping Polley lake back into there mining pit !! Not into the environment of Quesnel Lake !!!!

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