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Vancouver Mayor, Council to oppose Kinder Morgan pipeline, tankers

PostedDecember 17, 2013 by in Western Canada
Vancouver Mayor, Council to oppose Kinder Morgan pipeline, tankers

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson (photo: facebook)

Read this Dec. 4 story from The Province on the City of Vancouver’s opposition to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Vancouver will oppose Kinder Morgan’s plan to twin its Trans Mountain pipeline to the Lower Mainland.

Saying the city has “grave concerns” about the ability of regulators and oil carriers to respond to a spill, let alone deal with a major increase of oil tanker traffic if the pipeline is twinned, Mayor Gregor Robertson said the city will apply for intervener status at National Energy Board hearings on the proposal next spring.

But even then, the mayor said, he’s not satisfied with the limitations the NEB has put on the hearings to consider only issues relating to the pipeline or downstream marine transportation. He believes it also should consider the effects of climate change related to the use of the fossil fuels carried by the pipeline.

Vancouver has little real power to stop the twinning of a pipeline or expansion of oil tanker traffic through its port, deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston told city council Wednesday.

But he said the city does have the right to appear as an intervener in the NEB hearings, which “gives us a seat at the table” and “allows the city to ask questions of the proponent that others won’t ask.”

Metro Vancouver, whose council also has concerns about the proposal, is considering applying for intervener status as well.



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    Agi M. Paul

    Why do you not just fit the things that are broken. You state you want to create jobs, why not repair roads, trucks, ships where needed. one can teach a young Apprentice/s. one may make a bit more being the Trainer; where the Young apprentice will work for the Gov’t at a low wage but will have credits to enter a class of their choosing in a career that they want. The Gov’t of the province will get the job/s done and also share knowledge and wages. The Young will work, learn and the older generations will assist with the Training.. People will have jobs,money and respect from all. The WATER WAYS ARE NOT THE CITIES .All water ways belong to the Females of British Columbia, Canada; we have to have our water for our babies, the not yet born babies. I will not stand for this; the future babies will be dirty babies!! Is that what we want for the future? No! The Water Ways are not yours they BELONG TO THE FEMALES OF B.C. Ca. STOP STOP YOU MAY NOT HAVE THIS PIPELINE THAT WILL DESTROY THE FRASER RIVER AND ALL THAT LIVE THERE.
    this can not be allowed.
    A.M. Paul

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