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Premier Christy Clark defends LNG industry’s carbon footprint

PostedNovember 14, 2013 by in Western Canada
Premier Christy Clark defends LNG industry's carbon footprint

photo: Tina Lovgreen / BCIT Commons

Read this Nov. 13 story from on BC Premier Christy Clark’s response to mounting concerns over the massive carbon footprint associated with her government’s plan to build an LNG industry. The five major plants the province envisions for BC’s coast would dramatically boost the province’s greenhouse gases and make it impossible to to meet its ambitious climate targets.

Premier Christy Clark is calling British Columbia’s proposed liquefied natural-gas plants worldwide pollution-fighting machines, despite concerns by climate scientists and environmental groups that they will belch millions of tonnes of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the sky.

Clark says B.C. should sell natural gas in China and Japan because natural gas is cleaner than China’s coal and safer than Japan’s nuclear power.

“We are doing the world a favour,” she said.

But she warns timing is crucial to reach multi-billion-dollar deals with gas companies in China and Japan, and B.C.’s preoccupation with meeting its own pollution laws could impair the push to cash in on LNG developments.

Environmental group Clean Energy Canada estimates B.C.’s LNG plants could emit one tonne of GHG pollution for every one tonne of LNG they produce.

Clark came close to rejecting outright B.C.’s 2007 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets law that calls on the province to cut its GHG emissions by one-third by 2020.

Instead her government is expected to simply tweak the legislation to make sure the industry complies with the rules.

“I have never been an advocate of this view that the world’s air begins and ends at B.C.’s borders. It doesn’t.”


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    Derek Read

    I think you are getting a little out of control when quoting stories from other sites. This one is about 1/2 of the oritinal article. I was able to locate the full story on CBC, but in future I would also recommend that you indicate your exact source. In this instance the story is here:

      Damien Gillis

      Derek, we excerpt some stories from other media sources which we feel are of interest to our readers – this is a common practice in online media today.

      We do indeed point people to the original source if they wish to read more – right where it says READ MORE. So no need to search around for the link – it’s right there in every story we excerpt from.

      As to getting “out of control”, we share about 1 story a day in this fashion, so not sure what you’re referring to…

    Judy Cross

    I just wish that the conversation could switch from the phony “Climate Change” issue to the real problem of giving resources and jobs away. Cheap natural gas and electricity would help produce more food in climate controlled conditions.

    We are heading into what may be a new Dalton type minimum. It is going to get colder, with shorter growing seasons. Exports raise prices in the home country. We are going to need more cheap energy during the next 40 or so years.

    Please, for all our sakes,stop the lies about humans controlling climate by their miniscule CO2 production. The Earth hasn’t warmed since the 1998 El Nino, even though CO2 went up. No correlation = No Causation.

    If the Environmental Movement is to retain credibility, it must abandon the man-made climate nonsense.

    Lloyd Penner

    It’s hard to understand why environmental or other special interest groups always make these crazy, arbitrary comments like: “B.C.’s LNG plants could emit one tonne of GHG pollution for every one tonne of LNG they produce.” Just a provocative statement. Where did it come from. What professional scientist stated this. Was it a P.Eng? a group of P.Eng’s. Or just a normal inflammatory statement based on absolutely nothing as usual.


      Chill, Lloyd. Already existing gas-fired LNG plants in Scandinavia (in Norway, I believe) were studied. The studies showed the tonne for tonne production.

    larry corbett

    Christy Clark is coming off like a “dumb dame”….tweak the Legislation to get around the pollution ?? Just how dumb can anyone get??

    Cheryl Cameron

    This government needs to stop justifying its oil and gas profit-grab by playing the role of the global climate good samaritan. These claims are not justifiable, as in the case of Japan importing LNG, emissions will rise (historically nuclear), and in the case of China, LNG will be used as incremental energy, also increasing emissions. Add those to the emissions produced to process and export the LNG, and we come out with a very large net gain. Who are we going to trust here, the politicians in bed with the oil and gas sector, or the scientists?

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