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Ontario beekeepers sue neonicotinoid pesticide makers for $450 million

PostedSeptember 4, 2014 by in Canada
Ontario beekeepers sue pesticide makers for $450 million

Ontario beekeepers suspect neonicotinoid pesticides in the death of many of their bees

Read this Sept. 3 story from CTV News on the class action lawsuit being launched against two major pesticide makers by Ontario beekeepers over suspected damages from their product, known as neonicotinoids:

A $450-million proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against the producers of neonicotinoid pesticides on behalf of two large family-owned Ontario honey producers.

Siskinds LLP filed the suit to “recover damages suffered by beekeepers due to the widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides” as far back as 2006.

Paula Lombardi, partner at Siskinds LLP, said in a statement, “Without a vibrant and healthy bee population, so many of the foods we enjoy will simply no longer grow. We cannot afford to take the bees’ important work for granted, nor can we ignore threats to their survival as a species.”

The Statement of Claim alleges that Bayer Inc. and Syngenta International AG were negligent in the manufacture, sale and distribution of the pesticide, causing Ontario beekeepers to suffer significant losses and damage.

The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association is not directly involved in the lawsuit, but vice-president Tibor Szabo said in a statement they are happy with the move.

“We support any effort that could help beekeepers recover losses caused by the overuse of neonicotinoids…This Action puts the blame where it belongs – on the pesticide manufacturers.”




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    Hmmmmm, hitting the pesticide manufacturers in the pocket book. This lawsuit will drag on for years but eventually the beekeepers will win. Then it will be appealed for another 10 years.
    I dare say the pesticide manufacturers will change to some other pesticide that will involve another lawsuit.
    These evil pricks will stop at nothing to ensure a profit even if it means the death of their childrens future.

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