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The mystery of the dead starfish

PostedSeptember 12, 2013 by in Canada

Read this Sept. 9 story from National Geographic on the raft of dead starfish in BC’s coastal waters that’s baffling scientists.

At the end of August, marine biologist and scuba enthusiast Jonathan Martin was out on his usual Saturday dive with some friends when he noticed something unusual.

“We just started noticing dead starfish that looked like they had their arms chopped off,” Martin said.

They were sunflower starfish (Pycnopodia helianthoides), a major marine predator in the area that feeds mostly on sea urchins and snails. Like most starfish, the sunflower starfish can regenerate lost limbs—it can have up to 20—and can grow to be up to three feet (a meter) across. (Related pictures: “5 Animals That Regrow Body Parts.”)

Since Martin was diving in an area frequented by crabbers, at first he thought the sunflower starfish had gotten caught in some of the crab traps and had lost limbs escaping. But Martin kept seeing large numbers of dead starfish as he and his friends swam to a marine park where such crab fishing is illegal. Martin knew then it wasn’t the traps that were causing the starfish deaths.

After returning from the dive, he visited friends at a local dive shop who were active in marine conservation. Without any definitive answer, he shared photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube—taken at Lion’s Bay and Whytecliff Park in Vancouver—to try to get ideas from others about what was going on.

“It really struck a chord in other divers who were seeing it on Facebook and social media, both locally and as far away as California, who had been seeing similar things,” Martin said.

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    serious joe

    Isn’t there more evidence for “the loch ness monster” than this?

    serious joe

    They aren’t fish. So they aren’t “starfish”… they should be called “sea stars”. They aren’t fish.

    Oh my, a diver found a bunch of dead sea stars…. there’s no analysis, no measurement, no quantification… just another chicken little saying, “gee, I found a few bits of sky on the ocean bottom, the sky is falling, the sky is falling … send grant money now?


    Warmer waters/no food, oxygen dead-zones or radiation – take your pick.

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