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Major energy worker union opposes Kinder Morgan pipeline

PostedJune 3, 2015 by in Western Canada
Kinder Morgan bills customers for pipeline application

Artist’s rendering of proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker expansion

Read this May 28 Burnaby Now story by Jennifer Moreau on Unifor’s decision to oppose the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion through its submission to the ongoing National Energy Board Hearings.

One of Canada’s largest unions for energy workers has come out against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, arguing that the proposed project could be the beginning of the end for Burnaby’s Chevron refinery.

Unifor – a merger between the Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers – filed its evidence with the National Energy Board hearing, arguing that the proposed expansion could threaten to close the refinery.

“The Kinder Morgan expansion project is all risk and no gain for British Columbians,” said Unifor’s Joie Warnock in a media release. “We’re calling on the NEB to do its job and reject pipeline proposals that aren’t in the public interest.”

Unifor represents workers at Burnaby’s Chevron refinery, which has been struggling to get enough oil from the Trans Mountain pipeline. Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion won’t necessarily solve Chevron’s supply dilemma, as most of the oil is slated for foreign markets and there will be less leftover for the refinery to bid on.

The union also raised concerns that an oil spill would harm the Fraser River commercial fishery.

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    The thing i would like to know,is how much money is going to B.C. for all of our gas going to the tar sands to thin that stuff down enough to pump it thru the pipeline……$0?

    catherine daubney

    It’s a proven fact that pipelines are a danger to natural habitats and they certainly need to be protected at all cost.
    Please do not expand the pipeline. It’s a danger to our wetlands, our ecosystem, our world!

    Earl Richards

    Rachel Notley has to stop the toxic, tar sands at the AB/BC border, because a spill from Kinder Morgan’s pipeline down into the Fraser River will kill over 21,000,000 sockeye salmon and other species of salmon. This bitumen spill will destroy BC’s sport and commercial fisheries. Kinder Morgan and the responders have no world-class equipment to clean-up a spill, and even if they did have the equipment, how would they get the equipment to the spill site on time to prevent another Enbridge, Kalamazoo River disaster from happening in the Fraser River? The bitumen should never be permitted to reach Vancouver, because a tar sands spill from a tanker down into Vancouver Harbour will destroy over 30,000 jobs in Vancouver’s tourist industry. No tar sands for BC, Keep British Columbia beautiful.

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