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Kinder Morgan president: Harper’s heavy-handed tactics hampering pipelines

PostedOctober 21, 2013 by in Canada
Kinder Morgan president- Harper's heavy-handed tactics hampering pipelines

Kinder Morgan Canada President Ian Anderson at a Vancouver Board of Trade talk (photo: Kinder Morgan)

Read this Oct. 17 story from The Vancouver Observer on comments made by Kinder Morgan Canada President Ian Anderson to a business crowd in Calagary, criticizing the Harper government’s ham-fisted intervention in pipeline politics.

Ian Anderson, speaking in Calgary two nights ago, said he wishes federal Minister Joe Oliver hadn’t attacked opponents of British Columbia’s two proposed pipeline projects as “foreign radicals”.  He wishes Oliver hadn’t attacked them at all, in fact.

That’s what the Calgary Herald reported yesterday about a talk Anderson gave to a “business audience” in the headquarters of Canada’s gas and oil industry.

Saying that he wasn’t a “huge supporter of how actively the federal government was a year or two ago in promoting pipeline projects for its interests and taking on some of the opposers,” he said that although the government has a role in regulating the industry, “I don’t need them fanning the flames… making the grassroots opposition any worse that it might already be.”

Anderson also said that Mayor Gregor Robertson had refused to meet with him about the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

If the Kinder Morgan proposal goes through, it will increase oil tanker traffic to its Burnaby terminal seven-fold, GlobalBC reported this week.



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    Steve just got a very public spanking from the folks who pay the Reform-Conservative party bills. How can anyone justify the investment of any donations into your incompetent party, Steve?


    Good cop, bad cop! Although it is mildly amusing. Resources guy Oliver is a thug in a suit and like so many of Harper’s chosen ministers and senators they are extremists of the Tea Party variety.

    Steve speaks in a soft measured voice but always remember that he spoke the truth when he said. “You won’t recognize Canada by the time I am through.”

    Actually Steve, it is getting hard to recognize it now! Are you through yet? No, it will get worse if he has his way.

      Roland Morgan

      Steve’s policies may be judged by his idiotic plans for cannabis growing. Trying to house it all in four massive factories, closing down about 4,000 small growers, and handing over distribution to medical doctors. This is going to make a laughing stock of him, if nothing else does.


        I have to agree with your assertion. I think Stevie and his ilk are trying so hard to mould Canada into the image of his/their ideals that it’s taking on a comedy of errors routine. The public’s level of respect is waining further to a level distain against their behaviour & policy; from “You’ve got to be kidding” to “You’re an ineffective joke”.
        Even the business class are turning on him (Could it be their Canadian investments have not done so well under the Harper Government?)
        I don’t recognize the country anymore; perhaps I should immigrate to another country so I can apply to work in Canada again!

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