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Island communities could run out of water by August

PostedJuly 10, 2015 by in Western Canada
Parksville gold course (BC govt/Flickr)

Parksville gold course (BC govt/Flickr)

Read this July 9 story from on the dire water situation facing several Vancouver Island communities.

A popular B.C. seaside tourist zone is so drought-stricken that it faces the toughest water restrictions in B.C..

​City officials say if people continue to water and power wash at the current rate, Parksville and the area surrounding Nanaimo will run out of water.

“We will run out of water. Literally right now if we continue at the consumption levels that we are at right now we will have insufficient water by end of August.” said Fred Manson, Parksville’s chief administrative officer.

The new restrictions are Level 4, and affect Parksville and the District of Nanaimo — but not the City of Nanaimo, which remains at Level 2 water restriction. The area relies on local rivers, which were already low because of a reduced snow pack.

The new rules mirror those in the Level 3 restrictions already in place in the Comox Valley and the Cowichan Valley, which uses a different rating system, and the Level 4 restrictions announced for Salt Spring Island last week.

The decision by Parksville city and District of Nanaimo officials came after water storage levels dipped low enough that it could impact their ability to fight a large fire or supply the city residents with water if there is another fire.

“I knew it was serious,” said Grae Dickason, owner of Home Pro Painting, who lives in Nanaimo.

He says his city’s water source is a reservoir and does not rely on run-off fed rivers as in Parksville and Nanoose Bay, but the water restrictions still hit his business hard. He can’t use city water to clean “algae and moss, spider poop and bird poop” off homes he’s working on in the district of Nanaimo.





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    Mooney, please.
    Enough with the “Global Spraying program.”
    This isnt the site for it.
    Dry weather brings an increase static electricity. If you want to see really amazing lightening displays check out the Prairies in the summer( but not this summer because its raining in the south of most of Alta and Sask) Sheet lightening that would curl your toes is the norm.
    Jet fuel is a derivative of kerosene ( it burns when ignited but if a plane crashes it doesnt burn like gasoline) As for aluminum particles in fuel? Havent heard of it but its possible. Aluminum burns if hot enough.
    Commercial jets fly everywhere from the North Pole to the South… finding pollution (aluminum, barium, whatever) all over the world isnt a surprise to anyone.

    On average there are 11,000 commercial planes in the air, worldwide, at any given moment.
    Thats a lot of kerosene and its only going to increase.

    As for the “ongoing assaults on our airshed” …Take a look in the mirror and multiply that by 7 billion.
    And dont forget 1.5 billion of those people heat, cook and read by lighting a fire.


    All the more reason people should begin to do a little personal research into what has been discharged into their atmosphere over the last several years.

    I heard a Provincial fire official recently state that of the 180 something forest fires BC was fighting, 140 were caused by lightning strikes. This is historic and phenomenal. Our coastal rain forest would seem to be under attack from angry gods (Gods).

    We had a lightning storm a month or so ago in the coastal community where I live, the likes of which I’ve never witnessed. This followed a day where I photographed extensive lingering discharges from some planes that were flying in around and over moisture laden clouds.

    Most of us know that lightning is caused by static electricity discharges from around suspended particles. How would suspended metallic particles increase those processes?

    By the marked increase in lightning strikes and storms we’ve are experiencing?

    I’ve read that aluminum has and is being used in an additive to the fuel in jet planes.

    Increased levels of aluminum and barium are showing up in water/soil samples, all over NATO controlled countries. Aluminum wire is also used as a conductor in high voltage power lines.

    What we never hear about on the TV is the huge role that global aviation and the world’s greatest military war machines could be playing (wittingly or otherwise) in creating the conditions and setting the stage for these forest fires and the globalist’s so called climate change.

    The mass media meme is always about us poor smucks stuck in traffic jams while paying taxes for what passes for thoroughfares and how we need to be further taxed, because somehow we’re responsible ruining the fn planet.

    Why are our alleged leaders/representatives and the rest of the glitterati/ free lunch bunch so diligently fixated on looking only in directions that generate profits from picking our pockets?

    Who is ultimately responsible for these ongoing assaults on our air shed?
    Isn’t it time for any legitimate so-called climate science to take these factors into account?

    And no.. I don’t work for Harper and the oil companies.

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