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Harper in danger of slipping to third place: New polls

PostedAugust 30, 2015 by in Canada

Enbridge battle far from over, even if Harper approves pipeline

Read this Aug. 28 story from and political columnist Éric Grenier’s Poll Tracker series, noting recent polling trends that suggest the Harper Conservatives are in danger of being leap-frogged by the Liberals – with the NDP minting a comfortable lead over both parties.

Are the Conservatives in danger of dropping into third place?

Recent polls suggest that the Conservatives may be in the midst of a slide in public support. The party is averaging 28.3 per cent in the CBC Poll Tracker, marking one of their lowest ebbs in the polls since last year. They now stand just 1.4 points above the Liberals, who are pegged at 26.9 per cent support. The New Democrats lead with 35.5 per cent support, a surge largely driven by strong poll numbers in Quebec.

This has pushed them largely out of the range of the Conservatives in the projected seat count. With these numbers, the NDP would likely win between 124 and 153 seats, with the Conservatives winning between 92 and 132. There is more Conservative overlap with the Liberals at this stage, with the latter party in a position to win between 70 and 106 seats.

The diverging fortunes of the NDP and Conservatives emerged in a series of polls released this week. The first, by the Angus Reid Institute, gave the New Democrats a seven-point edge over the Tories, at 37 to 30 per cent support among eligible voters. The Liberals trailed in the poll with 24 per cent.

poll by Forum Research for the Toronto Star then raised a few eyebrows, and with good reason. Published Thursday, it placed the New Democrats in the lead with 40 per cent support, a score the NDP has never managed in any poll under either Jack Layton or Thomas Mulcair. In second place was the Liberal Party with 30 per cent. The Conservatives were pegged at just 23 per cent support, a number that the party has not matched in any poll in more than 10 years.

Though the margins were extreme and likely exaggerated, subsequent polling by Ipsos Reid and EKOS Research has corroborated the underlying trends.




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    joe tenf

    harper thinks the best way to resolve the refugee crisis in syria is the bomb the shit out of them and won’t even consider taking refugees into canada even though popular canadian opinion is to help these people in a big way.why is harper such a democracy opponent. steven you need to listen!!!


      I’d rather see the crisis in Syria resolved and the mass exodus of Syrian people stopped in Syria than knee jerk reactions such as throwing our borders wide open to everyone. There are several million refugees trying to leave Syria. Do you suggest we take all of them? Half? a quarter? And how do we ensure that they are all ok to allow in with no documentation. We cant. So we let in terrorists in with the babies………
      All while our unemployment rate continues to rise and we fall deeper into recession? How long do you think it will take before there are canadians protestings over THAT? Thousands of people on welfare, social assistance, (whatever the politically correct term is nowadays) while tax paying Canadians stand in food lines…….Thats a hard sell any way you look at it.

      I’m also amazed at the deafening silence of the rich Arab states that are allowing no refugees into their countries. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc. have quietly pumped money into Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, etc all while not allowing any refugees in. Why? Because of the political, economic and religious nightmare that will ensue? Nah…… the MSM doesnt wanna talk about THAT.

      Just wait. Extreme right wing parties are being elected all over Europe from Sweden to Germany to Italy because the voters are fed up with this politically correct quagmire.
      Stop the war in Syria by getting rid of that lunatic Assad and then pump billions into rebuilding the countryso that the people can stay there.
      And for all of you out there reading this that are disgusted with my lack of empathy.
      Just watch the news from Europe over the next 6 months. Riots will be the norm.


        Bombing a place is not the answer, it wont work, and innocent people will get killed in the process, you can nuke the entire middle east out of the planet but ISIS is a extremist Ideal, IDEA spread like wildflower so even on your own land it can spring up.. just look at the attack on other country home soils, stopping a leader wont do shit, the message is out there. and can cause a lot of damage and civil wars all over to defeat this extremism idea… the CANADIAN WAY, is supposed to be, give these people the tools and help them rise against the extremists, and give them shelter and refuse.. i dont care if there’s refugees come here on my tax dollar and get heath care at first, cause eventually they will be well enough to get a work visa and actually work.. America though that war on terror was going to work, look what happened it rose up over and over in different places, so i think, that your being ignorant if you think war against is the answer


          What amazes me is these refugees have been dying by the thousands in the Mediterranean Sea over the past several years without anyone caring.
          One photo of a dead child and everyone is tripping over themselves to make grandious suggestions/ demands that ” We should DO something!”.

          Time will tell on how this is all resolved but dumping boatloads/ trainloads of refugees onto unwilling citizens of another country is a recipe for disaster……morally, culturally, legally, economically and politically ( take a guess as to which one every politician cares about)….and all the noble words and gestures are’nt going to mean anything when local citizens are out of work or waiting in line for medical treatment and refugees are recieving govt handouts/ treatment.
          This will get ugly.
          Stay tuned


        Uh Oh.

        The truth may be exposed.

        Sunday Edition of the New York Times pointing a finger at the oil rich Gulf States that have done absolutely nothing about this refugee crisis.

        Lets see if the rest of the lemmings in the “News” media have the spine to follow suit now that the venerated NY Times has lead the way..


    Well well well
    Mr Harper may follow his hero Brian Mulroney into political oblivion…….
    There IS a God.

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