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Harper govt backing away from pipeline support?

PostedDecember 12, 2014 by in Canada
MP James Moore being interviewed by CBC's Chris Hall (Photo: James Moore/Twitter)

MP James Moore (right) being interviewed by CBC’s Chris Hall (Photo: James Moore/Twitter)

Read this eye-opening Dec. 11 story from Chris Hall at regarding comments from BC MP and Industry Minister James Moore during a recent interview, which appeared to distance his Conservative government from the embattled pipeline industry.

Industry Minister James Moore says the federal government did its job to advance the cause of two proposed oil pipelines through his home province of British Columbia, and now it’s up to the companies to ensure the projects succeed.

“We’ve done everything we can in a responsible way,” Moore said in an interview with CBC News in his Parliament Hill office when asked about Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and Kinder Morgan’s planned expansion of its Trans Mountain pipeline.

As the senior cabinet minister from B.C., Moore’s played a pivotal role in advancing the government’s signature economic policy: promoting the benefits of getting Alberta’s oil sands bitumen to markets overseas.

It’s been a tough slog, and now Moore appears to be signalling that he is looking to other challenges in the new year — like advancing his government’s consumer-first agenda and promoting competitiveness through investments in technology.

As for the pipelines, together Northern Gateway and Trans Mountain would cost nearly $12 billion and, once operating, carry about 1.3 million barrels of oil a day.

But both are hugely controversial, and have spawned protests by First Nations, environmental groups and others.

Also, neither is close to being approved or helping the Conservative government in Ottawa realize its goal of making Canada an oil superpower, feeding the energy needs of countries along the Pacific Rim.

“But it’s still up to the proponents to meet the environmental tests, to engage with First Nations, to meet provincial standards that are expected and to engage with municipal governments as well in terms of local benefit,” Moore said.

“It’s up to the firms to deliver on these projects.”



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    John Smith

    “Harper govt backing away from pipeline support?” I doubt it.

    “Conservative MP’s private member’s bill could be used against pipeline protesters, critics say”

    Ron Peters

    The level of cynicism involved here is nearly unbearable. These statements by Moore absolutely cannot be taken at face value. They are clearly being made in support of the upcoming 2015 federal election, and need to be read alongside recent statements by groups like Kinder-Morgan to “voluntarily” delay some of their proposals until 2016 (i.e., after the election). PLEASE let’s prove that we are not as stupid as Moore and Harper obviously think we are in 2015!


    I betcha this has more than a bit to do with growing flack re eastern pipeline and political grief for Harper & Co over that!



      I think (assuming of course that Con insiders were fully aware of dropping oil prices long before others were) that they knew the whole tarsands effort was about to become economically non-viable and decided to leave the sinking ship asap and hope pipelines and tarsands would be non issues at election time. I’m also waiting to hear if perhaps the opec’ers are getting close to having to fess up about their chronically inflated reserves and are low-balling to get what they can, while they can.

    Josh Overdijk

    Its about time:)


    Election campaigning???? A shift in the ‘perspective’ of the issues, proponents [Kinder Morgan] ‘voluntarily’ delaying their projects until 2016 [after the federal election], focus on voters ‘addictive’ needs and wants “consumer-first agenda and promoting competitiveness through investments in technology” [cellphones and communications] …

      Chad Wilson

      The Conservatives are campaigning, trying to reassure the undecided. Keeping away from hot topic issues. But if they get re-elected, things will be worse, as they ram everything they’ve been working on for the last 4 years. #don’ttrustharper #don’ttrustconservatives

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