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First Nation tells DFO it’s closing commercial herring fishery

PostedMarch 22, 2015 by in Western Canada
First Nation tells DFO it's closing commercial herring fishery

Central Coast herring (Photo: Pacific Wild)

Read this March 20 story from the Canadian Press on the Heiltsuk First Nation’s move to close DFO’s planned commercial herring fishery on the central coat this year.

BELLA BELLA – The latest British Columbia First Nation to condemn herring roe harvesting in its territory says it is closing a commercial fishery as it undertakes its own analysis of fish stocks.

The Heiltsuk Nation on B.C.’s Central Coast says it has given the federal government notice that it will not allow the fishery to open this year because stocks are too weak and must rebuild.

It has criticized what it calls “flawed methods” of forecasting herring returns from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and says it is working with its own team of experts to establish an accurate measure.

The Heiltsuk Nation is the latest aboriginal band to speak out in a long-standing battle against the reopening of commercial herring fisheries with warnings of perilously low stock numbers.

The Haida Nation in the remote community of Haida Gwaii recently won an injunction to block a planned fishery, after joining two other First Nations to fight a fishery’s reopening last year.

The DFO did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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    To me it is stupid to commercially harvest “baitfish” species. People wonder why the ocean stinks like a mermaid’s douche-nozzle, and red-tides/mass die-offs happen. It’s because baitfish eat plankton. No baitfish means the plankton die off, and settle in massive layers on the bottom of the ocean. As the sand on the bottom shifts, it releases huge plumes of noxious methane, and CO2 that were created by the decomposing plankton. .The CO2 causes an explosion of anerobic bacteria, which suck up all the oxygen, release even more CO2, and kills off what fish are in the area…..Then again, if I had my way ALL “commercial” fishing boats would be sunk and made into reefs….



    The First Nation sjould be the only ones issuing Herring licenses, not DFO since this resource is also owned and managed by them. DFO is controlled by Harper and he’s confrontational towards First Nations since he’s losing most of the Supreme Court challenges


    DFO= MANY collapsed fisheries. WHy are these people still calling the shots? Outrageous!

    Stuart Meade

    I suspect that there are interests above the DFO calling the shots on this. What a bloody outrage.

    Joanne Eriksson

    Given that ocean temperatures off of North America have been much warmer than usual, giving relief to ‘weak stocks’ should be of even greater concern. Salmon ‘hatchlings depend on fatty prey (like herring?) that don’t do well in warmer water. (It’s expected) to be a bad year for Coho and Chinook salmon especially”‘.


    Natives blocking the DFO from allowing a fishing season to open?

    That could get interesting……….

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