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Christy Clark was a partner in firm that lobbied for Enbridge

PostedApril 1, 2014 by in Western Canada
Christy Clark was partner in firm that lobbied for Enbridge

BC Premier Christy Clark during talks with her Alberta counterpart on the proposed Enbridge pipeline

Read this April 1 Vancouver Observer story on the revelation through leaked documents that BC Premier Christy Clark was a partner in a firm that lobbied the Harper government on behalf of Enbridge.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark was a partner in a lobbying firm that was contracted by Enbridge and which lobbied the federal government on the company’s behalf, according to documents obtained by The Vancouver Observer. The documents on lobbying originate from 2005-2011, when Clark stepped away from politics.

In a 2008 Confidential Government Relations Plan from Burrard Communications, Clark is listed as a partner in the company. Burrard Communications is a lobbying firm founded by Clark’s ex-husband Mark Marissen.

Burrard Communications lobbied the federal government on behalf of Enbridge Inc. starting in April 2005. The Plan stated that “Burrard worked on issues related to their Gateway Project” including “strategic communications advice and federal government relations.”
The firm was located at Clark’s then-primary residence at 511 San Remo Drive in Port Moody, BC – where Clark was the former provincial MLA for Port Moody/Burnaby Mountain. The registration was later switched to an address on Granville Street in Vancouver, BC.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Clark said, when presented with the documents from Burrard Communications listing her name.


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    How many more scandals does this morally bankrupt woman have to be involved in before British Columbians get wise to her? She is so inept that she even tries to collude with her executive director and refuses to hand her over to the OPP to answer to her involvement in the gas plants scandal.

    She is even more disgusting than Campbell, a feat that I thought couldn’t be equalled never mind exceeded.


    This lobbying firm which she was a partner in and briefly ran out of her house in port moody, lobbied the federal government on behalf of Enbridge. But she says she didn’t know what was going on or wasn’t involved. I think its time that we the people have Christy Clark taken into custody and evaluated for her own good. I mean she doesn’t know what`s going on in her own office(re, ethnic gate) , who she`s having over for parties (admitted briber of public officials Erik) or even who her own lobbying firm ran out of her own residence is lobbying . Clearly she needs to be supervised.


    Gee Christy Clark has a financial link to a political decision. Kinda like the sale of BC Rail?
    I’m sure she’s had her finger on the pile of many many more decisions than this and there will be more to come.
    But hey. She has a nice smile and a folksy way of “talkin” to the sheeple that vote. And that’s what the sheeeple want………………..


    please note the posting date…. this can not be true

    Damien Gillis

    Not sure how damning this really is of Ms. Clark when you examine the fine print of her involvement (or relative lack thereof), but it is interesting in light of the charade she played with pretending to oppose Enbridge in the lead up to the last election:

    In the very least, would have been prudent for her to disclose this, given the appearance of a conflict.

    tom baker

    Of course she doesn’t know what he’ talking about that was in her OTHER LIFE! What about being politcaly correct?? Crusty

    Sandra Slobodian

    Is there a lawyer in the house? This is freaking unbelievable – even after all the other unbelievableness.

    Dave Godfrey

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Gateway is such a wonderful project, everybody would support it–except terrorists, dorks and tree-huggers. ” CC

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