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Chilliwack residents unmask hazardous waste plant flaws

PostedMarch 12, 2014 by in Western Canada
Chilliwack, BC on the banks of the Fraser River (Photo:

Chilliwack, BC on the banks of the Fraser River (Photo:

Read this March 3 article in the Globe and Mail about a notice of application filed with the BC  Supreme Court challenging  the zoning bylaw of Aevitas Inc.’s plans to build a hazardous waste plant neighbouring the Fraser River:

When the City of Chilliwack published a notice of a public hearing into a rezoning proposal on Cannor Road, it failed to mention some key things.

Instead of stating the site was going to be used for the treatment of hazardous waste, the city said it was going “to facilitate the construction of a waste recycling and transfer facility.”

For all you could tell by that description, the plant was going to handle garden waste and old bottles – not mercury and toxic sludge.

And the location map failed to show one important element – namely that the Fraser River is just 150 metres away.



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    For more background, see the article written by Rod Clapton, President of BC Federation of Drift Fishers, in issue 11 of the Footprint Press (

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